Monday, February 23, 2009

Hi this my day one of my blog, yey!

Well hi everyone! =)
its day one of ULTRA MEGA AMAZING BLOG TIME!, a lil background about whats going down so far in my life.. well i lost my job on the day before x-mas eve...i guess they were trying to have some kinda moral for not firing me on the actual xmas day..or maybe they just didnt want me to get paid for the holiday...watever the case maybe, im job less..still... my warrents finally caught up to me, and got arrested.. when i wasnt even driving *pfft* arrested and funny thing is that i just got a job a new job and was in training...but i lost due to the fact i was MIA.. =(, got out of jail...(longest 2 days of my life!) the next morning i decided to smoke pot, to i guess relieve stress from the ordeal of imprisonment...and wat do u no i get pulled over just finishing a joint!, Fucking dike cop pulls me over for my stickers..rolling down my windows fear flowed through my veins as i knew i was so FU(C)ked..she told me straight up get out of the car.. and told me about strong stench of marijuana.. and gave me a long lecture of wat kinda of friends i started hanging with, cuz i just recently started smoking again..(im currently a month drug free ;) ) and will not smoke again...its so not worth the risk...anyways she was nice enough to give me a ticket for expired inspection, expired registration, and ugh! for not wearing my glasses...(who does that!) she kept thearting me to take me to jail, but i think she didn't take me in is because i told her i just got out of i guess she had some heart in her..i have court on Wednesday (wish me luck guys)...and on the 10th of this month..some idiot! decided to make an illegal turn i hit my car, which i cannot drive till i find money to fix...cuz i was trying to get my self out of debt, and lowered my insurance to liability which sucks balls... and the other barbarian does not have insurance...i donno if imma take them to court or just work my ass off when i get a job...well imma stop here cuz i think that's a lot of typing for me in one day...more to come tomorrow :) (got pics of my car and accident)

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