Friday, February 27, 2009

Hope up....Epic Fail

i couldn't write the blog last...i was ready to do something last night, but nothing came up and passed out..The day went ok, til i got a phone call for interview setup by a friend...i was really excited and got dressed in 15mins.. and headed out the door, driving like a mad man.. i got to the find out it was to a place where i had applied before, just in a different's a BS commission type job...the guy handed me the paper work to fill out.. as soon as he walked out of the room..i wrote in big letters on the paper "Sorry, No Thanks", and walked out...went back home took of my clothes and took a nap.. i been thinking about this premonition i had 3-4years ago..well i donno if its considered a premonition..Basically wat happen was that i was driving home on bellaire near fiesta on gessner...when suddenly a street sign appeared in my face like 5-6 inches from my nose, and i was like "WTF?!?!, im trippen" (lol! and no, i was not under the influence of anything) well i read the sign in a instant and disappeared.., the whole vision only took probally 2 seconds but it felt read "Corporate" that same instant, subconsciously i forgot that the fact i was trippen and thought to myself that next intersection street is called Corporate. Even thought i never really knew wat was the name of street was called before...i drove with anticipation..and wat do u know it was called that moment i had a lil mini freak out of WTF just happen...well eventually i stop thinking about it, til now..i woke up from my power cat nap, and went to Barnes & Nobles to find a book about premonition but did find anything of good use ;( and i got bored of looking so i got one of their pens and went to get a toilet puzzle book, and LOL and started solving it and put it back and left..

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