Thursday, February 26, 2009

More time!

well today was court day...even tho i was pretty lost, i think i made the right decision...i decided to plea not guilty for reason of insanity, lol jk...but i did plea not guilty and it went well.. they gave me another court date for April which gives me time to get a lawyer and have the charges dismissed...and i guess these blogs do help in a way, for some strange reason i got an email from an old friend i had back in high school, she said she was searching on the lee high directory...and she said google, googled me in some poetry forms from the high school website...pretty cool..which brings me to myspace...i no a lot of u r wondering why dont i start a myspace...well the real reason why might sound weird and funny...but i have a tendency to keep in touch with my ppl, and i no have too many friends..also a lot that i haven't talked to since high school..i was pretty popular in high school since i hanged around with everyone...jocks, nerds,geeks,goths,graffiti crew,breakers,student council, u name it... i was in if i start this myspace page i no imma have a tendency to reply back to comments ASAP, cuz thats the way i am, and if i dont get a msg back...imma try to send to make sure everything is alright or just to say hi...and imma wanna go out and hang with them...and it just seems like its going to be hard and time consuming...but im still debating on it...most likely i am if i want all my websites everyone can look at my blogs,youtube, knol (its new from google where u can publish writing material) and ect..

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  1. Hey i feel ya on the myspace thing! check out my blog @

    ive been trying to get some reviews in! :0P