Wednesday, February 25, 2009

wats on my mind!

the day started pretty well i might say, my friend text'd me and helped me out with a new electricity rate and a $75 gift card (score!) . my job hunt is going on the right direction too, they emailed me that i will have interviews soon... arg! i have court tomorrow, well actually today its alrdy the next just gonna be like "judge..., i might not wore the glasses at the time because i had taken them off, cuz they are broken (they are too..i wear them with one metal thingy that holds to the ear)..and i just didnt want to seem funny to the officer. i got my registration sticker ;) , but i could not get the inspection sticker due that my car wont pass.." *shows pictures of accident to the judge*...i no y'all probably didnt see the "address to congress", but i couldn't help to laugh that they're were pretty annoyed of all the clapping and standing up after (Obama) said something every three words...yea i no I'm a (dork/nerd/genius/loser/jock/comic/reliable/honest/ and a loveless romantic)...but i careless wat people think of me.. anyways....i just gotta say it but, its fucking annoying the fuck out of me that their charging retarded prices for some shitty apps on market place (G1 users know wat im talking about)...oh and by the way "OMFG!, RACECAR IS RACECAR SPELLED BACKWARDS!!!!!!!!!" ***hint, who can catch the big error*** Goodnight and dreamzZzZZZzzZZzz!

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