Friday, March 6, 2009


are government is BS... I've done my share of research and feel sorry for the people that lost their lives and their love ones...on September 11th 2001 the biggest lie was setup by our government to hide the truth about our economy and blame someone else on this countries mistakes...pretty much a distraction for what really is going on in our own land..and retard Bush was caught lying about it..building 7 which was probably like 300 - 500ft away from the World Trade Center was in other words melted from the inside..plz view these videos, so you wont be ignorant of whats really on in our country... Loose Change pt1 , Loose Change pt2 ... i just still cant believe no one really wants to say anything...and all of this information is still being kept secrete, i no its been awhile but i just dont want people to take pride in this country of ours..

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