Tuesday, March 17, 2009


me and my friends were going to Metropolis, i was waiting on my friend so my female friends went in ..we couldn't find parking wit my friend so we went to the karaoke from the other night...but it was super empty so we went to another on fountain view and westhiemer,....we got tipsy and sung the Fu@k out of "Radiohead - Creep" everyone clapped and screamed "Encore, Encore!!", but it was too late they didn't let us sing again because there was about 2 more songs to go before they closed...we had a blast ....and then we went back to melissa's and drank some more, and woke up went my lil bro's job cuz she got an interview there...they finally told me that i couldn't work there because i cannot work wit my brother in the same department.. so we went back to the pad and passed out..and later  we had more people come over for a Pre-Saint Patrick's day party and everyone was pretty drunk...i had 7 shots but didn't even get tipsy so i stopped..i think it was because i had 6 slices of pizza, lol!

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