Thursday, March 5, 2009


today i did some major job hunting and got interviews set for friday and tommorow...i had been waiting for this interview at my bro's job and i got it went well, BUT they told me they were going to call me back to see why i didnt get fired the first which was back in december...they told me my bro got the last position last time...i just hope they dont hire me for some BS reason because of my credit score or some sh*t like that..cuz i just dont understand i would judge someone by that...i understand i kinda tells how a person carries themselves in life..but who's to dont know if that person got screwed over by an EX, lost job, laid off, or w/e the case maybe...if thats the case then they should have the heart to give that person a job, and have something positive and move up from there...oh!, i went to visit my friend's house and we had some old school HALO TIME! the only thing missing was the pizza and coke..

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