Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hot Food and Public Restroom TIP!!!

lol, sometimes i think too much but its pretty much logic that we miss...ok, here it goes! Next time when u try to eat something that its too hot instead blowing out warm air from your mouth, try sucking cold air in....this will make your hot food in your mouth cool faster :) , its funny to see people burn their mouth cuz of food cravings...I'm guilty as charge, lol, that's why i thought about it, and it more burnt mouth..  the next tip is for those people that got a strong urge to use the potty in a public restroom...we all have that fear of splash back from the sh#t bombs we let lose...well I'm here for your rescue, next time tare a couple of sheets of toilet paper and throw them on the water..this will break the fall of your turd and they'll be no splash wet ass :) LMAO!!! sorry if i lost your appetite for talking about food and feces..

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