Sunday, March 15, 2009


last night i went to Laser Quest and had a blast came out super tired and sweaty!, i was too into it i accidentally elbowed my friend in the face *eeep!* "sorry again!", i came out in third out of 22 people! but i would of been first place, but those FU@kin white brothers they cheat all the time same thing happen the last time i went..what they do is they travel together and hit people and then they hit themselves and back in forth to get points, arg! i hate cheaters!!!!, anyways it was still fun..then i went to my friends house and had some beers and on a empty stomach..we went to a karaoke lounge and OMFG! they keep buying me drinks...i couldn't say thing i no..I'm walking around with the mic singing my ass off! it was super fun and hilarious! too much fun i wanna do it again!

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