Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Currently still working trying to get o_O Asatamer TV!!! ^_^ up and running...Sunday me and some like 12 other friends played Taboo! OMFG! that game is super fun! We were too crunk, i thought the neighbors were going to complain but they didn't..everyone played except one, lol "party popper"...we also played Charades! so much better than clubbing...we probably going do it again this weekend.. tomorrow i got an important interview wish me luck! yesterday i played this rock fortune telling game and it said that my financial problems will finally end and a really big turn around will come..the crazy thing is that while i am writing this blog, one of my friend's that always texts me my horoscope and the horoscope basically said the same thing too!, LOL! scary but good news! You can find the cool game here

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