Sunday, March 8, 2009

What Writing Means To Me :)

Writing to me, means a way to share information to another person. Since, I was a child in a Spanish speaking environment learning to speak and write English was hard. I remember the complexity of distinguishing English and Spanish word meanings. I recall the teacher telling me to translate sentences from Spanish to English, it was hard. Since that time I still think writing is a way to show someone else what you know.

          I personally think writing is difficult for me, but for some strange reason English teachers think otherwise. They tell me I have great potential even though I believe when I write it doesn’t sound good. I used to write poems in the school   “Poetry Magazine” other peers actually thought they were good. I guess writing is easy when you’re not forced to do something under your will. Its safe to say writing in the “Poetry Magazine” was my best writing experience.

          I have to say my worst writing experience had to be when I had to write a letter of an apology to my high school principal. I had to apologize for going to the roof of the school at night and pointing all the security cameras upwards. It didn’t work out as I plan out because; I missed one and got a clear picture of my face. Luckily, I was well known at my school and got along with most of the AP’s



and did a lot of volunteer work. I got off pretty easy, I think it was because I was known for my pranks. The letter supposed to come from my tone of speech, and it did. Without proof reading it I accidentally wrote something I was not supposed

to and offended the Principal and boy was he furious. I wrote that he pays more attention to his pet snake than to his students. As punishment he made write even more, he made me write an essay about his snake and about how they and survive. I had to do it because, he told me if I didn’t I would be kicked out of the wrestling team.

          I strongly believe writing is just a method to communicate. Even if you’re writing a story, poem, article, journal, or a love letter you’re still communicating with someone in a diverse fashion. It annoys me when they tell you a certain way to write your train of thought. I think of it as a technique that they use for editing your life, and taking your right to freedom of speech. If we as people decide to edit everything we see, we would not have a sense of individuality to convey self expression inside of us. If I did not know how to write I imagine would find a way to communicate using some sort of pictures or symbols. I guess that’s how caveman learned to communicate it seams to be the only way other than hand gestures. Yet, hand gestures can only go so far.




          I was told once that ending an essay with a quote will rejoin the reader and writer again to create a bond and hopefully something in the material will stay with the reader so it can be passed on.

I define writing as the share of knowledge conscious and subconscious within ourselves. To express what we know to the reader that is indulging in curiousness in their own way to get an idea of who we are.

                                                                   -Orlando Cano

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