Thursday, April 9, 2009

1st day at the job, and court! :)

IT WAS AN AWESOME BLOSSOM DAY!!!, the job is suuuuper easy!, the only thing i did was stuff if u ever need someone to help you stuff your envelope...IM YOUR MAN!, the only thing that did suck was standing up all day, but time went really fast...left work at 5pm and went home to take a quick nap, ate, and left to court...My cop showed up. ARG!, but it didn't really matter because the judge dismissed two of my tickets and i only have to pay $125 for the other one...I'm extremely happy! Now i only have court for the accident which is on the 25th...there's a big civil engineering flaw that I've noticed on the streets but the city wont fix it..I'm guessing because it costs too much money? but it will help traffic a lot! I'm going to draw it in paint so bare with i explain...


which then leads to this...

*my worst smiley yet..* 

anyways, hope you like my idea... :)

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