Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bored at the job part 2!

Another boring day until the last 2 hours...Me and my friends work build the "Leaning Tower Of Penis" it was harder than it looks, but apparently the girls from the job have extraordinary hand techniques, and we watched Superbad it was awesome! i will never get tired of that movie...My friend didn't believe me i was watching the movie at work, i took a pic of the laptop (the boobs on the screen are just a coincidence)... The war for the chairs has gotten a little more crucial...As soon as I came to work, I decided to not take a chair and observe others...Five minutes into the experiment a innocent test subject got one of the chairs that someone else was siting in, but just had stepped out of the room, and a vicious yet gentle comment was made when the chair holder came back! "Your sitting in my chair"...Suddenly!, I was like WOW! this is getting bad!, since when does a chair belong to someone...the innocent test subject quickly apologized and went across the room to get another chair...Til now I realize that running out of subjects to talk about creates insane complex thinking of finding ways to break the havoc of awkward silence...Hence!, the Leaning Tower Of Penis...
Ugh!, I need to go to sleep...Have court tomorrow...Wish me Luck! :)
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