Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The hidden truth about my job!

It's sooo boring at my job lately...we have to wait till our work gets approve before we can actually get started... Like who does that!? Friday and today we didn't do sh*t, I really want to work because time goes by really really slow...I've came to a point that we are a part of a human Ginnie Pig experiment! They stick about 18 of us in a small mail room, close the doors and turn up the heat, and see how we interact with sh*t to do...It started good everyone happy because we can talk and not work...BUT!!! when the conversations stop and the awkward silence begins...that's when the horrific mind games begin! The constant mind working to find the next subject to talk about...Dogs, religion, pizza, tampons, toasters, u name it we've talked about it.. Don't let me forget about the war against chairs..They purposely have a couple chairs so we can slowly kill ourselves over them...well I'll continue tomorrow i have a game to attend..that's a pic of one of the secrete cameras that are hidden, i found it in the ceiling..
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