Monday, April 20, 2009

It's better to give than to receive!

Sorry guys I haven't blog since a week ago, busy and the has been under maintenance.. Friday I went with my friend to a Youth Group thing at the church where my friend goes to, but it wasn't really Youth night that night...Instead it was more like hardcore praying...So i did, got kind of emotional...but relieved...On Saturday, with only one hour of sleep I went with my same friend to volunteer, rebuild some old lady's house..Even though it rained the whole day we got it done... We build ramp for her husband because he's in a wheel chair...painted the house in some areas where rain water didn't touched the paint, and closed some holes around the house to prevent foundation problems..I had fun even though i was extremely muddy and got paint all over me, but I cared less..I felt awesome when the lady was thanking me for the hard work was putting into it :) went home and passed out, woke up and watched the Rockets game, WE WON!!! BIG TIME! by 27 points! WOOT!!! ugh!, now that i think about it...i should of taken pics from Saturday :( 

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