Sunday, April 5, 2009

Something i wrote a long time ago

"A Girl I Knew"

I once knew a girl so tender and soft
A girl that illuminated every room
or so it seemed to be an angel to me

I once knew a girl so nice and sweet
A girl so kind she would always help out 
I girl who alleviated every one's needs

I once knew a girl so attractive and comely
A girl who always looked graceful
and when she wasn't she'd still looked likable 

I once knew a girl so smart and funny
A girl who aced her tests and made jokes
to put smiles on the rest

I once knew a girl who was a good friend and caring
A girl so sad at the idea of leaving her friends
and not returning

I once knew a girl I liked so greatly
A girl I say I haven't been in touch with lately
she was the girl I met some time ago

A girl I'll remember because of my woes
She brought much happiness into my heart
and also pained me with saddening darts

I was too shy to say what I felt like
Now all these mixed feelings are about to make me melt

So I say this to everyone chasing love:

Love is a dove
Pure and white

Catch it now before it begins to fly

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