Monday, May 11, 2009

Android Update (1.5) "Cupcake"

I'm getting my Cupcake Update as of 12am... i was trying to go to sleep but, i couldn't and remembered that updates start with random people, as of the 11th...which is today...Google says the updates are sent to random people but i personally think the first chosen to get the update are blogger's with G1's, because we can blog about it before the rest of the G1 users get it...Which I'm doing now...I checked my phone.. and what do u know the data icon is showing none stop traffic so most likely i am the first ones to get it...I will blog about it as soon as it finishes downloading and ill install the update...and the rate I'm seeing using a application called "NetCounter" its telling me I am downloading at like 2KB/s and the update is so claimed to be 44MB so hopefully it will be done by the time I wake up in the morning..I can't wait! BTW, I lost my job for no reason i have no idea why...  :(  I even did overtime the night before to help my boss meet his quota... i was never late nor i left early...I even came on time on the day it flooded bad...he just brought me to the room and told me straight up..which makes no sense because there was some girls in there that came super late...left early and didn't even work...well, its super sad..but, God has a better plan for me, so i am keeping my head up high...and tomorrow..wait today, I'm going to the unemployment office..The Houston Rockets pulled an epic win Sunday which made me super happy :) Gooo ROCKETS!!!!

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