Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Yep...I am officially 24.. I don't feel older but the number itself sounds old..i have no idea what to do today..A bunch of my friends keep telling me to throw it at the club, but I kinda don't...that will be my last other friend said to make it at the strip club..."here here!, take the money i don't have to show me some boobies, fuck it we're in a depression, here! take these quarters instead!" One more year and I get a discount with my car insurance! I don't know if to consider that a privilege or LOL, is that telling me something...*cough* "damn!, your old"... The number 24...its a even number I like that... Enough, with the birthday.. I been thinking and reading a lot...I strongly believe that I was born an Indigo Child..I have pretty much all the characteristics, but some I believe needed to train them harder to keep some...When young, I tended to think everyone had the same perception as I did, yet  it turned out that I was the only one..My two strongest characteristics are intelligence and the ability to extreme Lucid Dream...It's a love/hate thing with the lucid dreaming, because sometimes I love to do what I want in the dream, its kinda like a world where you are in control of EVERYTHING!!! The hate is that its not the real world and it gets too real sometimes..write back to share some of your lucid dreams if you can too... i would love to hear them..oh yea!, i just notice my xbox live gold membership expires tomorrow (its $50), lol, so feel free to use the donate button to support my MLG (Major League Gaming)    ^_-

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