Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day World!!!

WOah!, Father's Day Blog! aww!, i want to be a father! but i no I'm not ready yet...i can barely take care of myself...and no... being a baby daddy doesn't consider you a dad... raising a child is considered being a father...Gave my dad a big half sleep Father's Day hug.. About to start the grill and show of my BBQ skills...I started promoting for this new club about to open soon...its called "Midtown Lounge" I'm so excited it has great potential!, Going to have three paydays, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday!!! =) $$$ @_@ $$$ is on my mind! Going to start a separate blog for the club and post pics and updates as they come along...Going to post another blog really soon since this one is going to be short...they need Camper on the grill...

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