Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Help me solve my dream!

Well as y'all know.. like 80% of my dreams are lucid dreams..For those that don't know what lucid dreaming is...In a nutshell it means i can control my dreams COMPLETELY..i can manipulate items, i can feel,smell,see, etc...its kinda like living in a second world...anyways..I been having these dreams that I cannot control, and I keep seeing these "words" (ecto, zapa, ponterac, lurapode) I have no idea why I keep seeing them...One of the dreams that keeps repeating itself, and I've dreamed about four times already in the last two months is...
I would be in some kind of lucid dream doing whatever I want or please, but suddenly...I am beamed I guess or sucked into space without my permission, and then I get pulled deep into space..I can see the Earth vanish into the distance with our Sun and planets...I see our Milky Way galaxy and then I go out further watching these extremely beautiful galaxies,black holes,supernovas, and other stuff I cannot describe because of its complexity.. It feels like I been flying for hours faster than the speed of light..Until, I reach I'm guessing is the wall of the universe, it keeps going but, it doesn't take me no more...Instead, I start to fall...Looking down, I see a rocky brown floor with large holes...I fall into this pitch black hole and it feels like eternity...When I'm falling in the hole...after a while I see these words written on the walls of the hole as I am falling...(ectozapa,ponteraclurapode) I read them out loud and suddenly I appear back on Earth...which then, I am lucid again and scared shitless..I close my eyes and wake myself up...YES I KNOW, IT SOUNDS FUCKING INSANE!!!!

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  1. wow, i just read this comment, i wished i had some notification about it... =/ but yea, definitely :)