Thursday, August 13, 2009

Inside One Man's Ingenious Idea

We all sometimes take for granted for whats right in front of you... A penny, tree, sky, night, door, keyboard, TV, cup, spices...Everything and anything came from an idea... Whether it be the design for the penny, the idea for the invention of the Television, or just God's own perfect vision of a wonderful world which comes with an infinite number of possibilities of what it could of been...Even God had an idea..We surpass the word meaning and origin of it's creation..The whole spectrum of beauty that we all have the ability to think in our head, to brainstorm the future which came from someones ingenious idea...Imagine!

People ask me why am I so funny or why do I think weird? It's because I imagine every idea and explore radical randomness... in easy terms...I tend to see the big picture of a comment, joke or whatever the case may be, but use every context clue behind it and its environment... and glue it all together in my head to come out with pure awesomeness..

As I typed this..I am a genius person for the ingenious thought of this idea...
We tend not to think what's the obvious of our nature..
One Idea, One Dream, One Ambition, One Creation...
Know Thyself

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