Thursday, October 1, 2009

What IF!?!

I had a dream, last night that was super crazy...It started off, me getting off work and on the drive home suddenly there was a small earthquake around the world i guess...then, everyone seem to get a headache...and this dream was lucid!, so, i had full was a dream i hadn't had before..I wanted to enjoy it..I quickly flew up into the sky and went across the world to see if it was happening everywhere..IT WAS!!! i went to UK, CHINA, INDIA, and AUSTRALIA there was chaos everywhere! I came back to ground level and then everyone was walking fast, leaping long distances...some were afraid of the situation and some were terrified... probably like 2 hours later, it got worse! everyone started FLOATING!!! people were trying to grasp anything that was attached to the floor... and for the people that were outside..they're trying to grab onto trees and the small grains of grass..i was helping people get inside buildings or somewhere secure..knowing that i was the only one able to fly..there was too much people to save..and, i realized ...Wait! I'm taking this too serious, I'm just, i closed my eyes and woke myself up...

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