Saturday, November 7, 2009

On Crutches!

Sorry, I have gotten lazy and busy lately to write any new blogs but, here I am on crutches... I Friday I went to work and was really hyper so i started playing with the latter..I was reaching for a really high hanger to remove so, i got a rusty 16ft latter to assist me.. I went to the last step, which it does state on the side of the latter to DO NOT USE... But, Eh..I'm a dude..FUCK IT..So, stretching to reach this hanger the latter started to wobble and decided to jump off of it..So, I landed perfectly on my feet or should i say the soles(heel) of my feet... BAD IDEA.. Standing up in pain, I just collapsed to the floor...I couldn't help to laugh of the whole situation that just occurred and my co-workers were confused...So, I sat on the floor for like 10mins so the pain can reside and I can just walk it off... *Pfft!* The pain did not go away at all! it just got worse...My boss was telling me she was going to call an ambulance but, my stubborn self said: "Nah, just give me 30 more minutes and it will go away"...I still did not want to go to a hospital..My co-workers carried me to the car and left...The pain was still there..When I got home my parents (Dad) went historical! They rushed me to the Emergency Room and IT TOOK FUCKING FOREVER!!! I was in the hospital for 20 hours! X-rays showed no signs of fractures to the feet and my spine...*All that milk I drank all my life helped :) * The doctors were pretty amazed.. Now, I'm finally home and on pain medication (Hydrocodone, OHHHH YEAH!!!!) ;) Typing this blog... (BTW I did not have my phone with me the entire time I was in the hospital, so it felt like torture the omneity time I was there...)

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