Wednesday, December 2, 2009

No more Crutches!

I slowly removed my crutches, and started taking baby steps...My ankles still feel kinda funny but, generally I can walk again!...My thighs are super sore because I haven't really used them...The only thing I'm having problems with is that I forgot how to walk, LOL... I should be ready by Friday doing back-flips and running! GOD, I miss running...I didn't get to volunteer this year for Thanksgiving because of my injury ;( , but, I'll make it up once I'm fully ready to walk.. I love Obama, but our corrupted government is making him do the worst thing possible right now...WAR...I hate these pointless wars..with the same amount of money spent, we can save more lives that actually need it! Us humans are creating this 2012 scare come true, with all this corruption going on...Just the other day North Korea said they will increase their nuclear program...Even our own CIA agents are coming clean of what is really going on in our government...(AMERICAN DRUG WAR) Our government staged 9/11 and the facts are there, but this country is brain washed by our media... Even though I don't support the deployment of these 30,000+ soldiers come 2010, we got support our troops trying to get a better education and money from Uncle Sam..I don't blame them for joining the forces for the money and a hope for a brighter future..

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