Monday, October 16, 2017

Consciousness influenced by parietal lobe and the prefrontal cortex.

In short, after running brain simulations in my lucid dreams.

I applied the missing algorithm of the evolution of the brain, chaos.

The action of constantly firing of the dendrites on the axon, is resulting in a astronomical acceleration of evolution of the neurons themselves.
They seem to be influenced by not just electrochemical signals, but also the electromagnetic spectrum converted from the light coming in from the optic nerve.

Which evolves the brain to tap into the quantized superposition of the information received from the observer. If observer A processes the information they are trying to convey, the thought itself becomes a function that is held in the fabric of space-time in a superposition state of possibilities opened for observer A. Observer B can view and alter the information, if observer A chooses to release that information as a wave function in space-time.

More to come..

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