Friday, December 7, 2018

My hyper-acute auditory LSD experience

Years ago (need to confirm the date) I had went to a house party in my cousins neighborhood. It was a pretty fun party and everyone was enjoying themselves.
It was towards the end of the night when a former friend of mine asked me if I wanted to take some LSD. Buzzed and ecstatic, I replied; "Hell yea, if it's free".
He handed me a little square piece of paper and placed it on my tongue. Nothing happened. I started chewing on it to see if it did anything different, but no. I was starting to think that the dude had trolled me. Continued chewing on it and held a conversation with someone and accidentally spit it out in the middle of the conversation. Laughed and explained that I totally forgot I had taken it. Don't know why, but I picked up and put it back in my mouth.

Some drama began outside and two guys were about to fight and I remember following one of the guys to his car to get a shotgun and my friendly ass was trying to stop the commotion. He told me if I wanted to get blasted too. I looked at him and told him,"Why? We're all having fun here." He grab the shotgun and then I realized; "Holy shit, wtf am I trying to do." (laughed in my head)

I was like fuck this I'm going home. Everyone rushing towards their cars trying to leave. I recalled that I had walked to the party since my car was parked at my cousins house two streets down. Walking down the sidewalk I began to hear a waterfall or something of that nature. Remembered telling myself "Wtf, where is that noise coming from?!" and it was only getting louder, Niagara Falls type of loud.
Which, remind me that I had taken the LSD. As I reached the end of the street I noticed a storm drain across the perpendicular street. I could see a little stream of water falling in there.
I immediately gasped in amazement! I was completely in shock and was telling myself

It was clearest sound of water I have ever heard in my life. It was absolutely breathtaking!
I crouched down and listened to it for a good minute or two with the biggest grin in my face.
Forgetting that I almost got shot, lol.

Got up and walked to my cousins house and knocked on his window like a crazy lunatic. He told I scared the shit out of him, lmao. Must have been like 3-4 in the morning. There's a little more that happened that morning, but you'll have to ask me personally. I'm a computer nerd that sucks and hates typing.

Btw, I used Google Earth to measure the distance out of curiosity and it was around 188 m(617 ft)
This blog was influenced by the recent research published in the journal, Scientific Reports and Experiments Suggest Humans Can Directly Observe the Quantum.

The human cochlea is utterly incredible. Audiophile for life.

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