Wednesday, May 22, 2019

To Con a Con

So, yesterday during my work break I decided to swing by Sharpstown aka PlazAmericas to replace my watch battery. Nothing special just a cheapie retro Timex watch. Never really gave a shit about brands anyway. My all-around style consists of a combination of dope aesthetics and build quality per price ratio. I could of easily changed the battery myself with the proper tools within a mere five minutes.
Needless to say, I was looking forward to go to PlazAmerica as I had a nostalgic recollection earlier this week and wanted to show to some love and support to an ole fave of mine.
Must have tried going to seven different vendors before I found that would actually take credit or debit cards.
Sorry my latino fam, but y'all need to step it up and get some credit card machines maynneeeee.

Lastly, ended up one near the escalators in the middle of the mall. The lady working there said she can do it for $15 dollars, told her max I'll pay is $10. (A simple battery swap costs typically $5-7 dollars) She said she was going to call her dude that does it. Said that's fine.

"Hello Sir"
The technician said he'll have to open the watch to see what kind of battery it was and to see if it needed a bigger battery that was bigger and was worth $15 . I already knew what kind of battery it needed (CR2016). The plate on the watch clearly stated what kind of battery it needed.
The dude was trying to playing dumb.
He took like fifteen minutes to tell me he finished replacing the battery and notified me that it indeed needed a bigger battery.
"It will be $15, and I fixed the time on it, too", he added. Told him, i was only paying $10.
He caught an attitude and told me why did I make him do all the work and waste his time for then?

At this point, I was pretty upset. He awoke my good ole retired con artist persona out of me.
Had to teach this guy a lesson.
I immediately raised my voice, and rebuttal the entire conversation back to him in a cunning fashion for his own good.

The man looked startled in disbelief. Poor man did not see that coming.
There was a couple of onlookers which added to the fiasco. A public audience always adds to the drama, lol.
He did not apologize, but in a frightened tone said; don't worry about paying.
Deep in my feels, i felt a tad guilty for owning the situation and publicly humiliating him. It wasn't my original intent, I was simply trying to teach this guy a lesson without the added commotion.
I told him, to charge my card for $10.83.
He said, OK.
Thanked his assistant, and strutted to the parking lot knowing I still had it.

I honestly, went to the Plaza looking to spend $15, $10 for the replacement and $5 for tip.
Hopefully, this human interaction will question his ways of doing business.

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