Friday, July 12, 2019

2019's Area 51 infiltration

As social media trends continue to influence the mass, the government surely didn't see this one coming.
I've only dreamed about this wild possibility becoming a reality. Yet, here we are. 

It's funny to be witnessing people run simulations of possible outcomes on their PC's. What's surprising is that it looks like the Naruto running zombies can actually get through the military defenses. Keep in mind that these are "zombies" with no hesitation of turning back when physical resistance is applied. lol

(A moment of peace for our fallen soldiers that had to endure these fatal consequences for our freedom.)
(Can't say the same after 9/11 though. Our government betrayed us, and the ignorant general public has no clue due to lack of simple physics knowledge.) 
Based on the time frame of the event actually taking place I only suspect only a tiny fraction of the people actually showing up. The general public has a short attention span nowadays, so the fad will likely die out shortly before the so called 300,000 attendees arrive at the spectacle. 

Let's say they do show up. Here is an example of what might unfold..

Severity Scale based on film rating scale (why not?)

(G) Road detours and barricades
(PG) LRAD and rubber bullets
(PG-13) Chemical irritants and ADS deployment
(R) Lethal force

Let's say they do get through..
Well.. They ain't gonna see no aliens. They'll most likely going to witness some prototype land or air vehicles. 
Any higher level classified areas will require to go through heavily restricted clearance, which will require actual personal. At this point military personal are trained to commit suicide before giving any type of clue of access.

Enough said. I'll let the rest to your imagination, because that is one thing we take for granted today.

Imagination is everything.

(P.S. I'm a little lit at Whole Foods, fuck it. lol)

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