Monday, July 27, 2020

America's Ideological Subversion Success

          As the information age evolved, so did the lies and misinformation. American culture is pretty much a mirrored reflection of what our spongy brains absorbed throughout the years. A couple of years ago if you traveled to a foreign country and ask the locals what they knew about the United States. They would simply recollect material from television sitcoms and/or Hollywood. Never did Philo Farnsworth imagine his invention could manipulate the masses with so little effort or intent. The invention of the television paved way for quick communication, entertainment, and culture throughout the world.

We ain't in the middle ages anymore. With that being said, war is unknowingly becoming obsolete as violence can be live streamed at a moments notice abroad or domestic. In this era, war is frown upon specially if it evolves violence. A government can only retaliate so much before it's own people start question it's motives. The idea of espionage is pretty much deteriorated. The concept of brainwashing the general public to sway their judgement towards a particular interest gave rise to advertising and propaganda. After many years of programming and extensive research into unlocking it's full potential. It set off a chain reaction of US patents. Here are some to name a few.

USP# 6506148B2- Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors
USP# 6017302- Subliminal acoustic manipulation of nervous system.
USP# 4245909- An optical instrument for measurement of particle size distribution.
USP# 6091994- Pulsative manipulation f nervous systems.
USP# 3009080- Apparatus and method for generating and containing plasma having ultra high temperatures.
USP# 6238333- Remote magnetic manipulation of nervous systems.
USP# 5782874- Method and apparatus for manipulating nervous system.

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