Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Some of my hidden CON secrets revealed!

WARNING!: The content of this blog is not controlled by the owner or webmaster. If you decide to cook up any of the anarchist recipes posted here you are acting on your behalf. I will not be liable for your stupid behavior! Information posted in the Anarchist Cookbook 2009 is only for educational purpose. I do not endorse it and highly recommend that you do not try to use this information for anything other than educational purposes...

It's nicely organized into PDF form... =) CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm back!

Wow its been a while since my last blog..i been busy and lazy so..that's the main reason I fell off...I apologize.. Anyways, the "G2" T-Mobile's second android phone is coming out...I like it so far.. but, ill stick to my G1...I'm a hardcore fan and texter, so i prefer the qwerty keyboard.. OMFG!, it has to be Houston's hottest summer! We're not even in August yet, and we have been in the 100's since June! with little to no rain ;( It's so HOT!! i caught a squirrel laying down in the shade, just to cool down and eat... (picture of the squirrel laying down next to the tree) Oh!, and its going down at Midtown Lounge on Thursday Nights... not going into detail with the club thing...cuz personally I'm tired of the club scene..Its bad enough I work there...I just wanna chill and maybe go to a bar... i love bars and karaoke bars...Everyone gets surprised when i tell them, yea...I will get up there and sing...I don't give a fuck...its actually really fun!!! BUT, I really want to go to a concert...any concert! PLEASE, LET ME KNOW OF ANY ACTING ACTIVITIES!!! I been dying to be in a play...My little secrete to stay out of the heat and if your in downtown...Visit Houston's underground tunnel system...It has cold A/C down there, sure beats walking in the streets..There is about 7 miles of tunnels which are connected like a spider web so, you can get across downtown in no time ;) click here to view a PDF map on the downtown tunnels... OR click here to view the Downtown Interactive Map OHHH!! and don't forget to visit the Museum District!!!!There are many free opportunities in the Houston Museum District!


  • Byzantine Fresco Chapel Museum
  • Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
  • Holocaust Museum Houston
  • Houston Center for Contemporary Craft
  • Houston Center for Photography
  • The Jung Center of Houston
  • Lawndale Art Center
  • The Menil Collection
  • Rice University Art Gallery
  • The Rothko Chapel

General Admission Only

  • Buffalo Soldiers National Museum - FREE Monday 10 am - 5 pm
  • Children's Museum of Houston - FREE Thursday 5 – 8 pm
  • The Health Museum - FREE Thursday 2 – 5 pm
  • The John C. Freeman Weather Museum - FREE Thursday 12 – 4 pm
  • Houston Museum of Natural Science - FREE Tuesday after 2 pm
  • Houston Zoo - FREE Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Columbus Day, New Years Day & the Friday after Thanksgiving
  • Museum of Fine Arts, Houston - FREE Thursday 10 am – 9 pm