Monday, April 27, 2009

H1N1 Virus (Swine Flu)

OMFG!!!, the world is in panic!!!, the Swine Flu is affecting everything even the Stock Market!, and yes its origin is from the Orthomyxoviridae strain of viruses..In other words "Really Bad"... Its a Influenzavirus class C, and its a subtype of Influenzavirus A, which means it affects Humans and Pigs... So, I suggest try avoiding eating Pork for a while until everything gets under control...The situation is getting pretty serious I wouldn't be surprised if by the end of the week the WHO, declares the virus pandemic...If that's the case, flying,concerts,sports events, and etc...will be postponed or canceled.. If it gets to Phase 6 countries will have to quarantine themselves to prevent further outbreaks...Which worries me, because my parents leave to Columbia pretty soon...WASH YOUR HANDS!!!, STAY AWAY FROM SICK PEOPLE!!!, AND AVOID LARGE CROWDS!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bored at the job part 2!

Another boring day until the last 2 hours...Me and my friends work build the "Leaning Tower Of Penis" it was harder than it looks, but apparently the girls from the job have extraordinary hand techniques, and we watched Superbad it was awesome! i will never get tired of that movie...My friend didn't believe me i was watching the movie at work, i took a pic of the laptop (the boobs on the screen are just a coincidence)... The war for the chairs has gotten a little more crucial...As soon as I came to work, I decided to not take a chair and observe others...Five minutes into the experiment a innocent test subject got one of the chairs that someone else was siting in, but just had stepped out of the room, and a vicious yet gentle comment was made when the chair holder came back! "Your sitting in my chair"...Suddenly!, I was like WOW! this is getting bad!, since when does a chair belong to someone...the innocent test subject quickly apologized and went across the room to get another chair...Til now I realize that running out of subjects to talk about creates insane complex thinking of finding ways to break the havoc of awkward silence...Hence!, the Leaning Tower Of Penis...
Ugh!, I need to go to sleep...Have court tomorrow...Wish me Luck! :)
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The hidden truth about my job!

It's sooo boring at my job lately...we have to wait till our work gets approve before we can actually get started... Like who does that!? Friday and today we didn't do sh*t, I really want to work because time goes by really really slow...I've came to a point that we are a part of a human Ginnie Pig experiment! They stick about 18 of us in a small mail room, close the doors and turn up the heat, and see how we interact with sh*t to do...It started good everyone happy because we can talk and not work...BUT!!! when the conversations stop and the awkward silence begins...that's when the horrific mind games begin! The constant mind working to find the next subject to talk about...Dogs, religion, pizza, tampons, toasters, u name it we've talked about it.. Don't let me forget about the war against chairs..They purposely have a couple chairs so we can slowly kill ourselves over them...well I'll continue tomorrow i have a game to attend..that's a pic of one of the secrete cameras that are hidden, i found it in the ceiling..
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Monday, April 20, 2009

It's better to give than to receive!

Sorry guys I haven't blog since a week ago, busy and the has been under maintenance.. Friday I went with my friend to a Youth Group thing at the church where my friend goes to, but it wasn't really Youth night that night...Instead it was more like hardcore praying...So i did, got kind of emotional...but relieved...On Saturday, with only one hour of sleep I went with my same friend to volunteer, rebuild some old lady's house..Even though it rained the whole day we got it done... We build ramp for her husband because he's in a wheel chair...painted the house in some areas where rain water didn't touched the paint, and closed some holes around the house to prevent foundation problems..I had fun even though i was extremely muddy and got paint all over me, but I cared less..I felt awesome when the lady was thanking me for the hard work was putting into it :) went home and passed out, woke up and watched the Rockets game, WE WON!!! BIG TIME! by 27 points! WOOT!!! ugh!, now that i think about it...i should of taken pics from Saturday :( 

Monday, April 13, 2009

^_^ IM A BELIEVER!!! ^_^

There is a God! and he works in mysterious ways... the entire weekend i could not sleep, it was hard to accept what i saw but there's no other way to explain it nor deny... now i have a feeling of calm and acceptance...I was Agnostic because I'm the kind of person that has to see something in order to being Atheist is BS because there was some things I've experienced that till this day science cant explain, and I was stuck in the middle..but, i saw and heard things that were undeniable this weekend, that made my friend and mom cry when i told them...i don't want to go into detail of what i saw but if you do want to know send me a message...through myspace, or email: well I'm going to sleep, i have only slept 7hours total since Friday..   God Loves You!!! ^_^

Thursday, April 9, 2009

1st day at the job, and court! :)

IT WAS AN AWESOME BLOSSOM DAY!!!, the job is suuuuper easy!, the only thing i did was stuff if u ever need someone to help you stuff your envelope...IM YOUR MAN!, the only thing that did suck was standing up all day, but time went really fast...left work at 5pm and went home to take a quick nap, ate, and left to court...My cop showed up. ARG!, but it didn't really matter because the judge dismissed two of my tickets and i only have to pay $125 for the other one...I'm extremely happy! Now i only have court for the accident which is on the 25th...there's a big civil engineering flaw that I've noticed on the streets but the city wont fix it..I'm guessing because it costs too much money? but it will help traffic a lot! I'm going to draw it in paint so bare with i explain...


which then leads to this...

*my worst smiley yet..* 

anyways, hope you like my idea... :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What u think!?

In this day lays a internal struggle of confusion and distress of my ignorant choice of my well being...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Something i wrote a long time ago

"A Girl I Knew"

I once knew a girl so tender and soft
A girl that illuminated every room
or so it seemed to be an angel to me

I once knew a girl so nice and sweet
A girl so kind she would always help out 
I girl who alleviated every one's needs

I once knew a girl so attractive and comely
A girl who always looked graceful
and when she wasn't she'd still looked likable 

I once knew a girl so smart and funny
A girl who aced her tests and made jokes
to put smiles on the rest

I once knew a girl who was a good friend and caring
A girl so sad at the idea of leaving her friends
and not returning

I once knew a girl I liked so greatly
A girl I say I haven't been in touch with lately
she was the girl I met some time ago

A girl I'll remember because of my woes
She brought much happiness into my heart
and also pained me with saddening darts

I was too shy to say what I felt like
Now all these mixed feelings are about to make me melt

So I say this to everyone chasing love:

Love is a dove
Pure and white

Catch it now before it begins to fly

Friday, April 3, 2009

April Fools Success!

I was able to claim 9 out of 10 victims.. i have to say that i got my lil brother the worst, i had told him someone had broken his back window early in the morning.. He jumped out of the bed in sheer panic..When he got to the door.."April Fools!" he was pretty mad but he was a good sport about it... TIP: Next April Fools if you really want to get people, do it early in the morning before they notice its April Fools Day...
Luck or God's work?, Well on April 1st. I receive a check for $375 for someone that had hit me in a accident back in October 2007 ,my insurance company was trying to get money off the guy because it was his fault...i though they had closed the investigation but i guess car note was due on the 26th of march, which is for the amount of $375.90, $0.90 cents short of my
full payment... and i want to say thanks for another anonymous donation who ever you are :)