Wednesday, December 2, 2009

No more Crutches!

I slowly removed my crutches, and started taking baby steps...My ankles still feel kinda funny but, generally I can walk again!...My thighs are super sore because I haven't really used them...The only thing I'm having problems with is that I forgot how to walk, LOL... I should be ready by Friday doing back-flips and running! GOD, I miss running...I didn't get to volunteer this year for Thanksgiving because of my injury ;( , but, I'll make it up once I'm fully ready to walk.. I love Obama, but our corrupted government is making him do the worst thing possible right now...WAR...I hate these pointless wars..with the same amount of money spent, we can save more lives that actually need it! Us humans are creating this 2012 scare come true, with all this corruption going on...Just the other day North Korea said they will increase their nuclear program...Even our own CIA agents are coming clean of what is really going on in our government...(AMERICAN DRUG WAR) Our government staged 9/11 and the facts are there, but this country is brain washed by our media... Even though I don't support the deployment of these 30,000+ soldiers come 2010, we got support our troops trying to get a better education and money from Uncle Sam..I don't blame them for joining the forces for the money and a hope for a brighter future..

Saturday, November 7, 2009

On Crutches!

Sorry, I have gotten lazy and busy lately to write any new blogs but, here I am on crutches... I Friday I went to work and was really hyper so i started playing with the latter..I was reaching for a really high hanger to remove so, i got a rusty 16ft latter to assist me.. I went to the last step, which it does state on the side of the latter to DO NOT USE... But, Eh..I'm a dude..FUCK IT..So, stretching to reach this hanger the latter started to wobble and decided to jump off of it..So, I landed perfectly on my feet or should i say the soles(heel) of my feet... BAD IDEA.. Standing up in pain, I just collapsed to the floor...I couldn't help to laugh of the whole situation that just occurred and my co-workers were confused...So, I sat on the floor for like 10mins so the pain can reside and I can just walk it off... *Pfft!* The pain did not go away at all! it just got worse...My boss was telling me she was going to call an ambulance but, my stubborn self said: "Nah, just give me 30 more minutes and it will go away"...I still did not want to go to a hospital..My co-workers carried me to the car and left...The pain was still there..When I got home my parents (Dad) went historical! They rushed me to the Emergency Room and IT TOOK FUCKING FOREVER!!! I was in the hospital for 20 hours! X-rays showed no signs of fractures to the feet and my spine...*All that milk I drank all my life helped :) * The doctors were pretty amazed.. Now, I'm finally home and on pain medication (Hydrocodone, OHHHH YEAH!!!!) ;) Typing this blog... (BTW I did not have my phone with me the entire time I was in the hospital, so it felt like torture the omneity time I was there...)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Better Food Anyone?!

What if we tipped our cooks! like in restaurants... If you had shitty service but, the food was amazing, wouldn't you like to see the cooks get some respect...I basically came in for the food because you wanted to eat.. If the cooks knew they were going to get tipped they probably put more effort into making the food..So you as a consumer you would get a excellent meal every time you go..They should cut the all the waiters and have the cooks bring their master pieces...which will mean! CAUSE: lower staff to pay EFFECT: cheaper food prices and more smiling faces! =)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

What IF!?!

I had a dream, last night that was super crazy...It started off, me getting off work and on the drive home suddenly there was a small earthquake around the world i guess...then, everyone seem to get a headache...and this dream was lucid!, so, i had full was a dream i hadn't had before..I wanted to enjoy it..I quickly flew up into the sky and went across the world to see if it was happening everywhere..IT WAS!!! i went to UK, CHINA, INDIA, and AUSTRALIA there was chaos everywhere! I came back to ground level and then everyone was walking fast, leaping long distances...some were afraid of the situation and some were terrified... probably like 2 hours later, it got worse! everyone started FLOATING!!! people were trying to grasp anything that was attached to the floor... and for the people that were outside..they're trying to grab onto trees and the small grains of grass..i was helping people get inside buildings or somewhere secure..knowing that i was the only one able to fly..there was too much people to save..and, i realized ...Wait! I'm taking this too serious, I'm just, i closed my eyes and woke myself up...

Sunday, September 27, 2009



Sunday, September 13, 2009


I had to do a blog about this...but FUCK KANYE WEST!, no respect at all.. I mean its an opinion, if u think beyonce had the best video, well then keep it to yourself...Its Taylor Swift's first VMA and Kanye ruined it for her... what an arrogant prick...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Life's Challanges

It's crazy how life can change in a instant from good to bad and bad to good...What I have noticed people don't really realize and learn from the experience..As humans we are dominant in this world...We're smart and can make anything happen...But! are biggest flaw is we let emotion get in between our makes us slow..yet, emotion is key in our lives which makes everyone unique...Let me give you an example.. Ants..

Ants, are basic creatures that have one general purpose to serve the queen..They have no emotion yet, they get stuff done...Emotion does not affect them in anyway, so there is not one ant saying "Fuck this!, I ain't working today!" What if, us as Humans decided were going to build a bridge or just follow one road to travel somewhere...We let emotion get in between our goals, so it takes longer and there's more room for error...

Imagine if we decided to live basic lives for a day...No emotion, no cellphones, no drama, nothing that would distract us...Let's say they turned off all the street lights, no green, no yellow, no red... We would actually make it to our destination without harm or crash..

You ask how so?!? Well remember there's no cellphones, or drama, emotion to get in the way...Our minds turn on survival mode, and we tend to pay more attention of the situation, we will communicate which each other just to make sure we wont crash. We don't even have to say a word, just a simple nod for agreement and hand gestures.. Although, it will be slower, because were not used to it...but, no one gets hurt and the main point of it, is that we made it together.. We can build, discover, and create new ideas much faster if we stick to a basic principles of life..

We made our lives more complicated than it should be..

But, without emotion there is no life, no dreams, no goals..

We need equilibrium of both..

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Inside One Man's Ingenious Idea

We all sometimes take for granted for whats right in front of you... A penny, tree, sky, night, door, keyboard, TV, cup, spices...Everything and anything came from an idea... Whether it be the design for the penny, the idea for the invention of the Television, or just God's own perfect vision of a wonderful world which comes with an infinite number of possibilities of what it could of been...Even God had an idea..We surpass the word meaning and origin of it's creation..The whole spectrum of beauty that we all have the ability to think in our head, to brainstorm the future which came from someones ingenious idea...Imagine!

People ask me why am I so funny or why do I think weird? It's because I imagine every idea and explore radical randomness... in easy terms...I tend to see the big picture of a comment, joke or whatever the case may be, but use every context clue behind it and its environment... and glue it all together in my head to come out with pure awesomeness..

As I typed this..I am a genius person for the ingenious thought of this idea...
We tend not to think what's the obvious of our nature..
One Idea, One Dream, One Ambition, One Creation...
Know Thyself

Monday, August 3, 2009

thats it for me...

I'm feeling so EMO right now, its not even funny...i feel like shit, I'm beyond broke..and even though its not true, i feel like i let everyone down..its so hard to have fun with all my friends, ugh!, i just have too many and I'm afraid to let one down, instead its, i decided to stop all alternative narcotics and start fresh till i get my life together...Even my lucid dreams are getting harder to manipulate to a perfect world I live in them..and when my own best friend looked at me, it felt liked i was invisible ...a ghost, a nobody..totally ignored.. Now i no how Gary Jules felt when he wrote his infamous song...

All around me are familiar faces
Worn out places, worn out faces
Bright and early for their daily races
Going nowhere, going nowhere
Their tears are filling up their glasses
No expression, no expression
Hide my head I want to drown my sorrow
No tomorrow, no tomorrow

And I find it kinda funny
I find it kinda sad
The dreams in which I'm dying
Are the best I've ever had
I find it hard to tell you
I find it hard to take
When people run in circles
It's a very, very mad world mad world

Children waiting for the day they feel good
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday
Made to feel the way that every child should
Sit and listen, sit and listen
Went to school and I was very nervous
No one knew me, no one knew me
Hello teacher tell me what's my lesson
Look right through me, look right through me

And I find it kinda funny
I find it kinda sad
The dreams in which I'm dying
Are the best I've ever had
I find it hard to tell you
I find it hard to take
When people run in circles
It's a very, very mad world ... world
Enlarge your world
Mad world

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Some of my hidden CON secrets revealed!

WARNING!: The content of this blog is not controlled by the owner or webmaster. If you decide to cook up any of the anarchist recipes posted here you are acting on your behalf. I will not be liable for your stupid behavior! Information posted in the Anarchist Cookbook 2009 is only for educational purpose. I do not endorse it and highly recommend that you do not try to use this information for anything other than educational purposes...

It's nicely organized into PDF form... =) CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm back!

Wow its been a while since my last blog..i been busy and lazy so..that's the main reason I fell off...I apologize.. Anyways, the "G2" T-Mobile's second android phone is coming out...I like it so far.. but, ill stick to my G1...I'm a hardcore fan and texter, so i prefer the qwerty keyboard.. OMFG!, it has to be Houston's hottest summer! We're not even in August yet, and we have been in the 100's since June! with little to no rain ;( It's so HOT!! i caught a squirrel laying down in the shade, just to cool down and eat... (picture of the squirrel laying down next to the tree) Oh!, and its going down at Midtown Lounge on Thursday Nights... not going into detail with the club thing...cuz personally I'm tired of the club scene..Its bad enough I work there...I just wanna chill and maybe go to a bar... i love bars and karaoke bars...Everyone gets surprised when i tell them, yea...I will get up there and sing...I don't give a fuck...its actually really fun!!! BUT, I really want to go to a concert...any concert! PLEASE, LET ME KNOW OF ANY ACTING ACTIVITIES!!! I been dying to be in a play...My little secrete to stay out of the heat and if your in downtown...Visit Houston's underground tunnel system...It has cold A/C down there, sure beats walking in the streets..There is about 7 miles of tunnels which are connected like a spider web so, you can get across downtown in no time ;) click here to view a PDF map on the downtown tunnels... OR click here to view the Downtown Interactive Map OHHH!! and don't forget to visit the Museum District!!!!There are many free opportunities in the Houston Museum District!


  • Byzantine Fresco Chapel Museum
  • Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
  • Holocaust Museum Houston
  • Houston Center for Contemporary Craft
  • Houston Center for Photography
  • The Jung Center of Houston
  • Lawndale Art Center
  • The Menil Collection
  • Rice University Art Gallery
  • The Rothko Chapel

General Admission Only

  • Buffalo Soldiers National Museum - FREE Monday 10 am - 5 pm
  • Children's Museum of Houston - FREE Thursday 5 – 8 pm
  • The Health Museum - FREE Thursday 2 – 5 pm
  • The John C. Freeman Weather Museum - FREE Thursday 12 – 4 pm
  • Houston Museum of Natural Science - FREE Tuesday after 2 pm
  • Houston Zoo - FREE Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Columbus Day, New Years Day & the Friday after Thanksgiving
  • Museum of Fine Arts, Houston - FREE Thursday 10 am – 9 pm

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day World!!!

WOah!, Father's Day Blog! aww!, i want to be a father! but i no I'm not ready yet...i can barely take care of myself...and no... being a baby daddy doesn't consider you a dad... raising a child is considered being a father...Gave my dad a big half sleep Father's Day hug.. About to start the grill and show of my BBQ skills...I started promoting for this new club about to open soon...its called "Midtown Lounge" I'm so excited it has great potential!, Going to have three paydays, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday!!! =) $$$ @_@ $$$ is on my mind! Going to start a separate blog for the club and post pics and updates as they come along...Going to post another blog really soon since this one is going to be short...they need Camper on the grill...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm craving Jamba Juice!! yet! omfg! its twitter!!!

Sorry fans...I been super busy and haven't blogged in a week, I want to start off by saying thanks for another generous donation from a anonymous person...I am so craving a MegaMango from Jamba Juice with a Immunity Boost! Monday I started working with AT&T...It's awesome but working in the small business side is pretty hard and a lot to remember...We are helping people in California...and OMFG!!! thank God! i don't live there! Your regular telephone service is gold here in Texas compared to Cali..I feel sorry for them...For some strange reason they are the only state that charge phone calls by the DISTANCE and not just if your just making a local or domestic long distance call...all this studying is making my head hurt...anyways, I have a little joke that I want ot share...people seem to crack up and giggle when i say it... ( Who did the skeleton take to the party?!?...........Nobody) LOL! I been keeping a secrete from you all, and was too shy to say it, but here it goes......I have a twitter account! I always thought that the idea was retarded..But I had to do it to bring new fans and traffic to my blog... So feel free to follow me =) ... oh!, by the way I think my premonition sense is coming back not sure though... I have been seeing/thinking of things that will happen and so far they have...I had vision of North Korea but, it was blurry...I don't want to scare myself or anyone into World War 3...I haven't really checked the news because I haven't had time but, North Korea is acting a little strange in the recent days...On the brighter side, I found this bad ass little water fountain with rocks! for only $2 at a yard sale! and made a FUCKING DELICIOUS OMEGA CHEESY OMELET SANDWICH!!! OH YEAH!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Help me solve my dream!

Well as y'all know.. like 80% of my dreams are lucid dreams..For those that don't know what lucid dreaming is...In a nutshell it means i can control my dreams COMPLETELY..i can manipulate items, i can feel,smell,see, etc...its kinda like living in a second world...anyways..I been having these dreams that I cannot control, and I keep seeing these "words" (ecto, zapa, ponterac, lurapode) I have no idea why I keep seeing them...One of the dreams that keeps repeating itself, and I've dreamed about four times already in the last two months is...
I would be in some kind of lucid dream doing whatever I want or please, but suddenly...I am beamed I guess or sucked into space without my permission, and then I get pulled deep into space..I can see the Earth vanish into the distance with our Sun and planets...I see our Milky Way galaxy and then I go out further watching these extremely beautiful galaxies,black holes,supernovas, and other stuff I cannot describe because of its complexity.. It feels like I been flying for hours faster than the speed of light..Until, I reach I'm guessing is the wall of the universe, it keeps going but, it doesn't take me no more...Instead, I start to fall...Looking down, I see a rocky brown floor with large holes...I fall into this pitch black hole and it feels like eternity...When I'm falling in the hole...after a while I see these words written on the walls of the hole as I am falling...(ectozapa,ponteraclurapode) I read them out loud and suddenly I appear back on Earth...which then, I am lucid again and scared shitless..I close my eyes and wake myself up...YES I KNOW, IT SOUNDS FUCKING INSANE!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Steps to manually update your G1 to (1.5) Cupcake!

  1. Download the update file
  2. Rename “” to “
  3. Copy to a freshly formatted microSD card (copy it to root)
  4. Reboot and flash your G1 with the new Cupcake firmware
    • Disconnect your T-Mobile G1 from your computer if you used the data cable to access the microSD card
    • Turn off the handset by holding down the “Power” button
    • Turn it back on while holding down the “Power” (End Call) and “Home” buttons
    • When you see “Triangle” icon, open the keyboard and press “Alt” and “L” simultaneously
    • When you see some yellow text, press “Alt” and “S” simultaneously
    • Follow the on-screen instructions
    • Press “Home” and “Back” buttons simultaneously when you’re done and ready to reboot
    • The G1 will reboot as it does its thing - let it do so.
  5. Enjoy Cupcake with on-screen keyboard and stereo Bluetooth support!

Eating my Cupcake! Umm um..Tasty!!!

I had an awesome seven days of fun for my bday..i was taken to the movies, bike riding, my friends made a lil party, went to the club, and went to the beach three times...the only bad thing was that got two tickets the first time i went to the beach...i was pulled over just because my licence place light was burnt out..what kinda SH*t is that...i was trying to find my insurance, and was searching for it in the glove box but, didn't find instead the cop saw an old pipe from one of my friends i had in there.. :/ he smelled the marijuana in he told me to get out the car, so i was like FUUU@k!! and he started to search me...i didn't have anything on me, and then he told my friends to get out too..he told me if its ok, if he searched the car, and if there's any other things that shouldn't be there too.. and i was like no...just that pipe which is not he searched the car and went to his car..which then he took his sweet little time..he was kinda cool tho..he told me..he was going to let me go if he didn't find anything else...well, he gave me the ticket(s) and told me he is going to charge me for drug paraphernalia..which i was like WTF?!?! i didn't have anything else in the car..he told me i lied and he found something else..and he hand me a little bag and pipe.. and i was like "WTF?!?! this is not marijuana this is Salvia which is completely legal" as soon as i said that...the expression on his face was priceless!... (oh sh#t!, i fucked up) the cop thought it was weed...i was like "why, am i getting a ticket for something that's legal) and he started to panic..and i could tell that he was embarrassed and sad for giving me the ticket for his mistake..but, it was already printed out so he didn't want to change it..he just told me that to explain what happen to the judge...FU@K!!!! why do i have to talk to him when its your mistake..anyways, I going to call the judge next week and lets see what happens... on the bright side i couldn't wait to get the Cupcake update for my G1 so i manually did it..Success!! my phone is soo awesome now!!! :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Yep...I am officially 24.. I don't feel older but the number itself sounds old..i have no idea what to do today..A bunch of my friends keep telling me to throw it at the club, but I kinda don't...that will be my last other friend said to make it at the strip club..."here here!, take the money i don't have to show me some boobies, fuck it we're in a depression, here! take these quarters instead!" One more year and I get a discount with my car insurance! I don't know if to consider that a privilege or LOL, is that telling me something...*cough* "damn!, your old"... The number 24...its a even number I like that... Enough, with the birthday.. I been thinking and reading a lot...I strongly believe that I was born an Indigo Child..I have pretty much all the characteristics, but some I believe needed to train them harder to keep some...When young, I tended to think everyone had the same perception as I did, yet  it turned out that I was the only one..My two strongest characteristics are intelligence and the ability to extreme Lucid Dream...It's a love/hate thing with the lucid dreaming, because sometimes I love to do what I want in the dream, its kinda like a world where you are in control of EVERYTHING!!! The hate is that its not the real world and it gets too real sometimes..write back to share some of your lucid dreams if you can too... i would love to hear them..oh yea!, i just notice my xbox live gold membership expires tomorrow (its $50), lol, so feel free to use the donate button to support my MLG (Major League Gaming)    ^_-

Friday, May 15, 2009

Cupcake (update)

release dates

  • 5% of Android Devices will receive the Android 1.5 Cupcake Update on Monday, May 18th
  • 15% on Tuesday, May 19th
  • 30% on Wednesday, May 20th
  • 45% on Thursday, May 21st
  • 60% on Friday, May 22nd
  • 75% on Saturday, May 23rd
  • 90% on Sunday, May 24th
  • 100% on Monday, May 25th

Monday, May 11, 2009

Android Update (1.5) "Cupcake"

I'm getting my Cupcake Update as of 12am... i was trying to go to sleep but, i couldn't and remembered that updates start with random people, as of the 11th...which is today...Google says the updates are sent to random people but i personally think the first chosen to get the update are blogger's with G1's, because we can blog about it before the rest of the G1 users get it...Which I'm doing now...I checked my phone.. and what do u know the data icon is showing none stop traffic so most likely i am the first ones to get it...I will blog about it as soon as it finishes downloading and ill install the update...and the rate I'm seeing using a application called "NetCounter" its telling me I am downloading at like 2KB/s and the update is so claimed to be 44MB so hopefully it will be done by the time I wake up in the morning..I can't wait! BTW, I lost my job for no reason i have no idea why...  :(  I even did overtime the night before to help my boss meet his quota... i was never late nor i left early...I even came on time on the day it flooded bad...he just brought me to the room and told me straight up..which makes no sense because there was some girls in there that came super late...left early and didn't even work...well, its super sad..but, God has a better plan for me, so i am keeping my head up high...and tomorrow..wait today, I'm going to the unemployment office..The Houston Rockets pulled an epic win Sunday which made me super happy :) Gooo ROCKETS!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009 work...

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blahblah blah blah blahblah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blahblah blah blah blah blah blah blah blahblah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blahblah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blahblah blah blah blah....     *Meow!*

Monday, May 4, 2009

Swine Flu (update)

It's safe to eat pork!, but i still would not recommend it..Eating pork is really bad for you in a lot of different ways..The pig or swine is a very popular food item with most Christians. Yet Christians are unaware that the God they profess to believe in had condemned the eating of swine's flesh. The condemnation was based on some very sound biological principles. Here are some facts on pork that prove it to be a very unhealthy food to eat:
  When eating beef or venison, it takes 8 to 9 hours to digest the meat so what little toxins are in the meat are slowly put into our system and can be filtered by the liver. But when pork is eaten, it takes only 4 hours to digest the meat. We thus get a much higher level of toxins within a shorter time.  That's just some of the bad list, you can read more by clicking on it...Even Muslims are forbidden to eat pork, here is a YouTube video that shows why, WARNING GRAPHIC!!!, NOT FOR THE WEAK HEARTED, IT'S SICK!!! (click here to watch)I've cut down a lot, my bacon, ham, pepperoni days are over. Nonetheless, they have great alternatives made from turkey that pretty much taste the same...From the book "Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About!" by Kevin Trudeau, it states if you cut down on pork or completely stop eating it for 3-4 months you will have better health, and if you try to eat it again at a later time you can become very ill...

Monday, April 27, 2009

H1N1 Virus (Swine Flu)

OMFG!!!, the world is in panic!!!, the Swine Flu is affecting everything even the Stock Market!, and yes its origin is from the Orthomyxoviridae strain of viruses..In other words "Really Bad"... Its a Influenzavirus class C, and its a subtype of Influenzavirus A, which means it affects Humans and Pigs... So, I suggest try avoiding eating Pork for a while until everything gets under control...The situation is getting pretty serious I wouldn't be surprised if by the end of the week the WHO, declares the virus pandemic...If that's the case, flying,concerts,sports events, and etc...will be postponed or canceled.. If it gets to Phase 6 countries will have to quarantine themselves to prevent further outbreaks...Which worries me, because my parents leave to Columbia pretty soon...WASH YOUR HANDS!!!, STAY AWAY FROM SICK PEOPLE!!!, AND AVOID LARGE CROWDS!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bored at the job part 2!

Another boring day until the last 2 hours...Me and my friends work build the "Leaning Tower Of Penis" it was harder than it looks, but apparently the girls from the job have extraordinary hand techniques, and we watched Superbad it was awesome! i will never get tired of that movie...My friend didn't believe me i was watching the movie at work, i took a pic of the laptop (the boobs on the screen are just a coincidence)... The war for the chairs has gotten a little more crucial...As soon as I came to work, I decided to not take a chair and observe others...Five minutes into the experiment a innocent test subject got one of the chairs that someone else was siting in, but just had stepped out of the room, and a vicious yet gentle comment was made when the chair holder came back! "Your sitting in my chair"...Suddenly!, I was like WOW! this is getting bad!, since when does a chair belong to someone...the innocent test subject quickly apologized and went across the room to get another chair...Til now I realize that running out of subjects to talk about creates insane complex thinking of finding ways to break the havoc of awkward silence...Hence!, the Leaning Tower Of Penis...
Ugh!, I need to go to sleep...Have court tomorrow...Wish me Luck! :)
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The hidden truth about my job!

It's sooo boring at my job lately...we have to wait till our work gets approve before we can actually get started... Like who does that!? Friday and today we didn't do sh*t, I really want to work because time goes by really really slow...I've came to a point that we are a part of a human Ginnie Pig experiment! They stick about 18 of us in a small mail room, close the doors and turn up the heat, and see how we interact with sh*t to do...It started good everyone happy because we can talk and not work...BUT!!! when the conversations stop and the awkward silence begins...that's when the horrific mind games begin! The constant mind working to find the next subject to talk about...Dogs, religion, pizza, tampons, toasters, u name it we've talked about it.. Don't let me forget about the war against chairs..They purposely have a couple chairs so we can slowly kill ourselves over them...well I'll continue tomorrow i have a game to attend..that's a pic of one of the secrete cameras that are hidden, i found it in the ceiling..
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Monday, April 20, 2009

It's better to give than to receive!

Sorry guys I haven't blog since a week ago, busy and the has been under maintenance.. Friday I went with my friend to a Youth Group thing at the church where my friend goes to, but it wasn't really Youth night that night...Instead it was more like hardcore praying...So i did, got kind of emotional...but relieved...On Saturday, with only one hour of sleep I went with my same friend to volunteer, rebuild some old lady's house..Even though it rained the whole day we got it done... We build ramp for her husband because he's in a wheel chair...painted the house in some areas where rain water didn't touched the paint, and closed some holes around the house to prevent foundation problems..I had fun even though i was extremely muddy and got paint all over me, but I cared less..I felt awesome when the lady was thanking me for the hard work was putting into it :) went home and passed out, woke up and watched the Rockets game, WE WON!!! BIG TIME! by 27 points! WOOT!!! ugh!, now that i think about it...i should of taken pics from Saturday :( 

Monday, April 13, 2009

^_^ IM A BELIEVER!!! ^_^

There is a God! and he works in mysterious ways... the entire weekend i could not sleep, it was hard to accept what i saw but there's no other way to explain it nor deny... now i have a feeling of calm and acceptance...I was Agnostic because I'm the kind of person that has to see something in order to being Atheist is BS because there was some things I've experienced that till this day science cant explain, and I was stuck in the middle..but, i saw and heard things that were undeniable this weekend, that made my friend and mom cry when i told them...i don't want to go into detail of what i saw but if you do want to know send me a message...through myspace, or email: well I'm going to sleep, i have only slept 7hours total since Friday..   God Loves You!!! ^_^

Thursday, April 9, 2009

1st day at the job, and court! :)

IT WAS AN AWESOME BLOSSOM DAY!!!, the job is suuuuper easy!, the only thing i did was stuff if u ever need someone to help you stuff your envelope...IM YOUR MAN!, the only thing that did suck was standing up all day, but time went really fast...left work at 5pm and went home to take a quick nap, ate, and left to court...My cop showed up. ARG!, but it didn't really matter because the judge dismissed two of my tickets and i only have to pay $125 for the other one...I'm extremely happy! Now i only have court for the accident which is on the 25th...there's a big civil engineering flaw that I've noticed on the streets but the city wont fix it..I'm guessing because it costs too much money? but it will help traffic a lot! I'm going to draw it in paint so bare with i explain...


which then leads to this...

*my worst smiley yet..* 

anyways, hope you like my idea... :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What u think!?

In this day lays a internal struggle of confusion and distress of my ignorant choice of my well being...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Something i wrote a long time ago

"A Girl I Knew"

I once knew a girl so tender and soft
A girl that illuminated every room
or so it seemed to be an angel to me

I once knew a girl so nice and sweet
A girl so kind she would always help out 
I girl who alleviated every one's needs

I once knew a girl so attractive and comely
A girl who always looked graceful
and when she wasn't she'd still looked likable 

I once knew a girl so smart and funny
A girl who aced her tests and made jokes
to put smiles on the rest

I once knew a girl who was a good friend and caring
A girl so sad at the idea of leaving her friends
and not returning

I once knew a girl I liked so greatly
A girl I say I haven't been in touch with lately
she was the girl I met some time ago

A girl I'll remember because of my woes
She brought much happiness into my heart
and also pained me with saddening darts

I was too shy to say what I felt like
Now all these mixed feelings are about to make me melt

So I say this to everyone chasing love:

Love is a dove
Pure and white

Catch it now before it begins to fly

Friday, April 3, 2009

April Fools Success!

I was able to claim 9 out of 10 victims.. i have to say that i got my lil brother the worst, i had told him someone had broken his back window early in the morning.. He jumped out of the bed in sheer panic..When he got to the door.."April Fools!" he was pretty mad but he was a good sport about it... TIP: Next April Fools if you really want to get people, do it early in the morning before they notice its April Fools Day...
Luck or God's work?, Well on April 1st. I receive a check for $375 for someone that had hit me in a accident back in October 2007 ,my insurance company was trying to get money off the guy because it was his fault...i though they had closed the investigation but i guess car note was due on the 26th of march, which is for the amount of $375.90, $0.90 cents short of my
full payment... and i want to say thanks for another anonymous donation who ever you are :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spontaneous Day

Yesterday was full of what i call Spontaneousism (spontaneity)! It started at my friends house and we decided we were gonna have a small dinner at her we called couple of friends and started playing with the Oracle Board Game i had played earlier in the week...Some how we started talking about ghosts and mysterious things, and suddently we decided to go buy a Ouija Board..We drove across to some place to get special protection candles..but they were too expensive and the board too..So we drove to Toys R' Us and found it there and bought it..Then some how we started talking about Salvia Divinorum a special plant that is legal to smoke and gives you a really cool trip..Our crazy selves decided to buy it at a local smoke shop and got the 10x which is 10 times the potent of the actual natural plant, which is considered for experienced users...So we got home and i tried smoking it but it didn't hit me like when i tried the first time..WE GOT RIPPED OFF!!! $30 of my friend's money gone to waste :( and we all had a giant feast it was super good! we could not find a place to play the Ouija Board so we didn't open it...*pfft* my other friends wanted to go to some house party, but i really didn't want to go..i was tired from the night before...Dropped one of my friends home and drove to that party to meet my other friend..It was too hood for me and left with my friend like 10 mins after i got there...Drove to a gasoline station to put gas and some stranded guy came up to me asking where I-45 was at... The guy was totally lost..and was asking if i could give him a ride there..i was thinking hell no...but i saw his eyes watering so i thought this guy is i dropped my friend home and told her i was going to drive back to the gasoline station to see if he was still there..and he was so i told him i would give him a ride but just to I-45...i kept in touch with my friend over the phone just in case something happen...Got to I-45 and decided might as well take him all the way home, or near..So i did...that sh*t was all the way in clear lake...He said he was going to give me gas money but i didn't believe him until he started digging in his pockets..he told me how much i wanted..i told him just $5 to get back home, cuz i was low on gas, and he gave $10 in ones...i felt like i did my deed for the day, and felt home and passed out..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Currently still working trying to get o_O Asatamer TV!!! ^_^ up and running...Sunday me and some like 12 other friends played Taboo! OMFG! that game is super fun! We were too crunk, i thought the neighbors were going to complain but they didn't..everyone played except one, lol "party popper"...we also played Charades! so much better than clubbing...we probably going do it again this weekend.. tomorrow i got an important interview wish me luck! yesterday i played this rock fortune telling game and it said that my financial problems will finally end and a really big turn around will come..the crazy thing is that while i am writing this blog, one of my friend's that always texts me my horoscope and the horoscope basically said the same thing too!, LOL! scary but good news! You can find the cool game here

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Technical difficulties! Please Stand by

Sorry guys been busy trying to get the o_O Asatamer TV!!! ^_^ working..., ugh! Oh and its a nice Sunday today, go out and enjoy..i will and nina too... imma take her to the dog park so she can meet some friends! :)


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Its a start!

i woke feeling productive!, and i started working on my car...i got a lot done in 2 hours...i got major dent out, closed the back bumper, and now i can open my door...its drivable now but, my parents wont let me drive it, till i come up with $40 to get my inspections sticker put on, parents *bleh*...but its true i have been getting a lot of bad luck these days... so if anyone that can help for the cause, feel free to donate... click on the donate button or you can also find it on my myspace....
i feel a lot better that my car is more healthy :P

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


i became one of the things i hated most....a myspace addict...  but i cant help to say i love meeting really old friends that i have lost touch with and the feeling of re-igniting a friendship is an indescribable feeling of awesomeness! i have a lot of catching up to do, and it helps keep my mind of issues i currently dealing with...did i mention how much i love music!, its relaxing,sets the mood, makes you happy, it makes you think, and its an escape..., and for people that haven't tried "XTC", music becomes unbelievable its hard to describe, but its like becomes a part of you, to a point where you can hear every tiny detail, and feel it! its amazing...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


me and my friends were going to Metropolis, i was waiting on my friend so my female friends went in ..we couldn't find parking wit my friend so we went to the karaoke from the other night...but it was super empty so we went to another on fountain view and westhiemer,....we got tipsy and sung the Fu@k out of "Radiohead - Creep" everyone clapped and screamed "Encore, Encore!!", but it was too late they didn't let us sing again because there was about 2 more songs to go before they closed...we had a blast ....and then we went back to melissa's and drank some more, and woke up went my lil bro's job cuz she got an interview there...they finally told me that i couldn't work there because i cannot work wit my brother in the same department.. so we went back to the pad and passed out..and later  we had more people come over for a Pre-Saint Patrick's day party and everyone was pretty drunk...i had 7 shots but didn't even get tipsy so i stopped..i think it was because i had 6 slices of pizza, lol!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


last night i went to Laser Quest and had a blast came out super tired and sweaty!, i was too into it i accidentally elbowed my friend in the face *eeep!* "sorry again!", i came out in third out of 22 people! but i would of been first place, but those FU@kin white brothers they cheat all the time same thing happen the last time i went..what they do is they travel together and hit people and then they hit themselves and back in forth to get points, arg! i hate cheaters!!!!, anyways it was still fun..then i went to my friends house and had some beers and on a empty stomach..we went to a karaoke lounge and OMFG! they keep buying me drinks...i couldn't say thing i no..I'm walking around with the mic singing my ass off! it was super fun and hilarious! too much fun i wanna do it again!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Party Success!!!

Lastnights party was a success estimate 300 attended...everyone had fun and enjoyed themselves..a couple arguments were triggered but were escorted outside by HPD...the pictures are currently being processed we'll post as soon as they are done...stand by

Friday, March 13, 2009

ItS gOiNg dOWn toNiGHt!!!

ive been busy working on something, stay the meanwhile take a look at this...

                         EPIC FAIL

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hot Food and Public Restroom TIP!!!

lol, sometimes i think too much but its pretty much logic that we miss...ok, here it goes! Next time when u try to eat something that its too hot instead blowing out warm air from your mouth, try sucking cold air in....this will make your hot food in your mouth cool faster :) , its funny to see people burn their mouth cuz of food cravings...I'm guilty as charge, lol, that's why i thought about it, and it more burnt mouth..  the next tip is for those people that got a strong urge to use the potty in a public restroom...we all have that fear of splash back from the sh#t bombs we let lose...well I'm here for your rescue, next time tare a couple of sheets of toilet paper and throw them on the water..this will break the fall of your turd and they'll be no splash wet ass :) LMAO!!! sorry if i lost your appetite for talking about food and feces..

Monday, March 9, 2009

Watchmen Review

The movie was pretty long 2hours and 45mins... it was "ok", it needed a lil more action..the action that it did have was pretty awesome...its based on super heroes that have a history to them and a new generation takes over...they discover that someone is killing them one by one...and a sh*t load of dialog passes on then some action then some dialog and action, and ect... i wouldn't recommend taking a someone that gets bored pretty quick or has no sense of imagination..its an alright movie that graphics and art work are amazing i gotta say...i give it a B-

Sunday, March 8, 2009

What Writing Means To Me :)

Writing to me, means a way to share information to another person. Since, I was a child in a Spanish speaking environment learning to speak and write English was hard. I remember the complexity of distinguishing English and Spanish word meanings. I recall the teacher telling me to translate sentences from Spanish to English, it was hard. Since that time I still think writing is a way to show someone else what you know.

          I personally think writing is difficult for me, but for some strange reason English teachers think otherwise. They tell me I have great potential even though I believe when I write it doesn’t sound good. I used to write poems in the school   “Poetry Magazine” other peers actually thought they were good. I guess writing is easy when you’re not forced to do something under your will. Its safe to say writing in the “Poetry Magazine” was my best writing experience.

          I have to say my worst writing experience had to be when I had to write a letter of an apology to my high school principal. I had to apologize for going to the roof of the school at night and pointing all the security cameras upwards. It didn’t work out as I plan out because; I missed one and got a clear picture of my face. Luckily, I was well known at my school and got along with most of the AP’s



and did a lot of volunteer work. I got off pretty easy, I think it was because I was known for my pranks. The letter supposed to come from my tone of speech, and it did. Without proof reading it I accidentally wrote something I was not supposed

to and offended the Principal and boy was he furious. I wrote that he pays more attention to his pet snake than to his students. As punishment he made write even more, he made me write an essay about his snake and about how they and survive. I had to do it because, he told me if I didn’t I would be kicked out of the wrestling team.

          I strongly believe writing is just a method to communicate. Even if you’re writing a story, poem, article, journal, or a love letter you’re still communicating with someone in a diverse fashion. It annoys me when they tell you a certain way to write your train of thought. I think of it as a technique that they use for editing your life, and taking your right to freedom of speech. If we as people decide to edit everything we see, we would not have a sense of individuality to convey self expression inside of us. If I did not know how to write I imagine would find a way to communicate using some sort of pictures or symbols. I guess that’s how caveman learned to communicate it seams to be the only way other than hand gestures. Yet, hand gestures can only go so far.




          I was told once that ending an essay with a quote will rejoin the reader and writer again to create a bond and hopefully something in the material will stay with the reader so it can be passed on.

I define writing as the share of knowledge conscious and subconscious within ourselves. To express what we know to the reader that is indulging in curiousness in their own way to get an idea of who we are.

                                                                   -Orlando Cano

Friday, March 6, 2009


are government is BS... I've done my share of research and feel sorry for the people that lost their lives and their love ones...on September 11th 2001 the biggest lie was setup by our government to hide the truth about our economy and blame someone else on this countries mistakes...pretty much a distraction for what really is going on in our own land..and retard Bush was caught lying about it..building 7 which was probably like 300 - 500ft away from the World Trade Center was in other words melted from the inside..plz view these videos, so you wont be ignorant of whats really on in our country... Loose Change pt1 , Loose Change pt2 ... i just still cant believe no one really wants to say anything...and all of this information is still being kept secrete, i no its been awhile but i just dont want people to take pride in this country of ours..

Thursday, March 5, 2009


today i did some major job hunting and got interviews set for friday and tommorow...i had been waiting for this interview at my bro's job and i got it went well, BUT they told me they were going to call me back to see why i didnt get fired the first which was back in december...they told me my bro got the last position last time...i just hope they dont hire me for some BS reason because of my credit score or some sh*t like that..cuz i just dont understand i would judge someone by that...i understand i kinda tells how a person carries themselves in life..but who's to dont know if that person got screwed over by an EX, lost job, laid off, or w/e the case maybe...if thats the case then they should have the heart to give that person a job, and have something positive and move up from there...oh!, i went to visit my friend's house and we had some old school HALO TIME! the only thing missing was the pizza and coke..

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

chillen wit friends

yesturday was pretty relaxing day..i pretty much spend the whole day wit my friend, i had some enterview calls...the job where my brother works at called me, waiting for the second interview, hopefully i get it..*crosses fingers*..i spend the night at my friends twice we had some dorkish super dupper fun..and sunday i got pretty tipsy drunk off beer...its been awhile and i had 9 friends are still here at the apartment lobby using there computers :) well imma go back and wake up those sleepyheads.. man!, girls are hardcore sleepers!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

crunkness gone again!

i was so read to dance Saturday...we went to Element Lounge and it getting packed... so everyone was pretty much ready to dance..but it was an older crowd and they were in their VIP was pretty sad that no one tried to dance...i was so hyped up to dance, but no one joined in the dance we left early and we were waiting for couple friends to were in another club near by..the plan was were suppose to go a afterhours but some were in doubt, and nothing me and bro went to my cousin house and basically talked til 6am..

Saturday, February 28, 2009

fading away crunkness...

yesterday was pretty disappointing...the day started off pretty well.. did some errands, and chilled at my friends house...she got me really crunk! i was ready to party at the club..i had gotten bad news from my dad that he needed the truck late night for him to go to work late..i thought to myself..."damn!, i wished i had my car". lol, i dont even want to talk about it cuz its just depressing to think about it...but wat happen is that some shit happen and i had to go home.. everyone else went to the club and by the calls i got it sounded like a lot of fun.. i was too disappointed to write my blog i just went to sleep..but today i will redeem myself at "Element Lounge" see u there!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Hope up....Epic Fail

i couldn't write the blog last...i was ready to do something last night, but nothing came up and passed out..The day went ok, til i got a phone call for interview setup by a friend...i was really excited and got dressed in 15mins.. and headed out the door, driving like a mad man.. i got to the find out it was to a place where i had applied before, just in a different's a BS commission type job...the guy handed me the paper work to fill out.. as soon as he walked out of the room..i wrote in big letters on the paper "Sorry, No Thanks", and walked out...went back home took of my clothes and took a nap.. i been thinking about this premonition i had 3-4years ago..well i donno if its considered a premonition..Basically wat happen was that i was driving home on bellaire near fiesta on gessner...when suddenly a street sign appeared in my face like 5-6 inches from my nose, and i was like "WTF?!?!, im trippen" (lol! and no, i was not under the influence of anything) well i read the sign in a instant and disappeared.., the whole vision only took probally 2 seconds but it felt read "Corporate" that same instant, subconsciously i forgot that the fact i was trippen and thought to myself that next intersection street is called Corporate. Even thought i never really knew wat was the name of street was called before...i drove with anticipation..and wat do u know it was called that moment i had a lil mini freak out of WTF just happen...well eventually i stop thinking about it, til now..i woke up from my power cat nap, and went to Barnes & Nobles to find a book about premonition but did find anything of good use ;( and i got bored of looking so i got one of their pens and went to get a toilet puzzle book, and LOL and started solving it and put it back and left..

Thursday, February 26, 2009

More time!

well today was court day...even tho i was pretty lost, i think i made the right decision...i decided to plea not guilty for reason of insanity, lol jk...but i did plea not guilty and it went well.. they gave me another court date for April which gives me time to get a lawyer and have the charges dismissed...and i guess these blogs do help in a way, for some strange reason i got an email from an old friend i had back in high school, she said she was searching on the lee high directory...and she said google, googled me in some poetry forms from the high school website...pretty cool..which brings me to myspace...i no a lot of u r wondering why dont i start a myspace...well the real reason why might sound weird and funny...but i have a tendency to keep in touch with my ppl, and i no have too many friends..also a lot that i haven't talked to since high school..i was pretty popular in high school since i hanged around with everyone...jocks, nerds,geeks,goths,graffiti crew,breakers,student council, u name it... i was in if i start this myspace page i no imma have a tendency to reply back to comments ASAP, cuz thats the way i am, and if i dont get a msg back...imma try to send to make sure everything is alright or just to say hi...and imma wanna go out and hang with them...and it just seems like its going to be hard and time consuming...but im still debating on it...most likely i am if i want all my websites everyone can look at my blogs,youtube, knol (its new from google where u can publish writing material) and ect..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

wats on my mind!

the day started pretty well i might say, my friend text'd me and helped me out with a new electricity rate and a $75 gift card (score!) . my job hunt is going on the right direction too, they emailed me that i will have interviews soon... arg! i have court tomorrow, well actually today its alrdy the next just gonna be like "judge..., i might not wore the glasses at the time because i had taken them off, cuz they are broken (they are too..i wear them with one metal thingy that holds to the ear)..and i just didnt want to seem funny to the officer. i got my registration sticker ;) , but i could not get the inspection sticker due that my car wont pass.." *shows pictures of accident to the judge*...i no y'all probably didnt see the "address to congress", but i couldn't help to laugh that they're were pretty annoyed of all the clapping and standing up after (Obama) said something every three words...yea i no I'm a (dork/nerd/genius/loser/jock/comic/reliable/honest/ and a loveless romantic)...but i careless wat people think of me.. anyways....i just gotta say it but, its fucking annoying the fuck out of me that their charging retarded prices for some shitty apps on market place (G1 users know wat im talking about)...oh and by the way "OMFG!, RACECAR IS RACECAR SPELLED BACKWARDS!!!!!!!!!" ***hint, who can catch the big error*** Goodnight and dreamzZzZZZzzZZzz!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hi this my day one of my blog, yey!

Well hi everyone! =)
its day one of ULTRA MEGA AMAZING BLOG TIME!, a lil background about whats going down so far in my life.. well i lost my job on the day before x-mas eve...i guess they were trying to have some kinda moral for not firing me on the actual xmas day..or maybe they just didnt want me to get paid for the holiday...watever the case maybe, im job less..still... my warrents finally caught up to me, and got arrested.. when i wasnt even driving *pfft* arrested and funny thing is that i just got a job a new job and was in training...but i lost due to the fact i was MIA.. =(, got out of jail...(longest 2 days of my life!) the next morning i decided to smoke pot, to i guess relieve stress from the ordeal of imprisonment...and wat do u no i get pulled over just finishing a joint!, Fucking dike cop pulls me over for my stickers..rolling down my windows fear flowed through my veins as i knew i was so FU(C)ked..she told me straight up get out of the car.. and told me about strong stench of marijuana.. and gave me a long lecture of wat kinda of friends i started hanging with, cuz i just recently started smoking again..(im currently a month drug free ;) ) and will not smoke again...its so not worth the risk...anyways she was nice enough to give me a ticket for expired inspection, expired registration, and ugh! for not wearing my glasses...(who does that!) she kept thearting me to take me to jail, but i think she didn't take me in is because i told her i just got out of i guess she had some heart in her..i have court on Wednesday (wish me luck guys)...and on the 10th of this month..some idiot! decided to make an illegal turn i hit my car, which i cannot drive till i find money to fix...cuz i was trying to get my self out of debt, and lowered my insurance to liability which sucks balls... and the other barbarian does not have insurance...i donno if imma take them to court or just work my ass off when i get a job...well imma stop here cuz i think that's a lot of typing for me in one day...more to come tomorrow :) (got pics of my car and accident)