Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm back!!!!!!

I know I know, it's been since December 2nd since my last blog..I will start making these more often..I decide to take another IQ test to see where I am these days...and to my surprise I did better than I thought I was going to score... Tend to panic in the mathematics part, but its not the math you think it is.. It's more like complex logic, problem solving skills, and analogies... GUESS what I scored?!? take a wild guess!?!....Give up?

I scored a 121 on the assessment!!! ^_^

It's not Albert Einstein worthy but, I still think it's pretty awesome from the norm...anyways, in relations to my last post...I am 100+% healed from my injury...Ohhhh.....and have I been running! yay me!

Just like everyone knows I LOVE FOOD!!!!!!!!! and all those mental calculations makes my brain fatigue..Hmmm...steak...beans...rice...chicken....WOW! Sry! I caught myself in a food trance! I can't believe I was vegetarian for a while back in the day, a man needs his meat.. My mouth just gushes with saliva just thinking of the 2010 Rodeo Cook-Off!!! Cutting this blog short for hunger reasons and treating myself to a midnight snack....BTW make sure to follow me on Twitter and if you like my blogs feel free to MAKE A DONATION TO ORLANDO'S FOUNDATION ...the button is on the right --->
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Here's a screen shot of my results