Monday, December 2, 2019

yO! I'm flattered

I see you lurking Ukraine. lol

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

N,N-Dimethyltryptamine entangled symmetry with parallel universes hypothesis

The more I study Quantum mechanics the more it doesn't make sense. Yet, as an active observer of the quantized information being processed through a medium, only I can make sense on this. In the recent paper from Cornell University states that there’s no such thing as objective reality. In addition, another paper published in Nature Physics even large molecules behave like waves. Correlates with the idea that reality is subject to question based on the sole facts of the observer.

In layman's terms, no two observers are bound to the same reality. 
A rectified statement that I am well fascinated with my dreams ever since I found out they were lucid.
I am God.
I control and manipulate matter at my will. Spacetime is merely a construct of this physical universe.
Since there is no objective reality, our imagination is the universe we behold. If this holds true, then information is in a state of superposition until the observer justifies the possible outcomes based on the present facts. 

We're manifestations of the universe experiencing itself. 

In this universe, you can't have one without the other. Black and white, light and darkness, negative and positive, male and female, love and hate.

Could the mere chemical reaction of N,N-Dimethyltryptamine in the pineal gland provide a glimpse of the parallel universes that reside among us. This could shine some light on Dr. Rick Strassman research. As many of his test subjects recall encountering with external entities.

As far-fetched as the possibility may sound.

"We must challenge our assumptions." - Moira 

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Guns America

I remember being ecstatic to join JROTC when I was in high school. Grew up spending most of my time outdoors and witnessed many countless propaganda regarding cops and robbers. Wanted to join the Marines so bad, because I knew my physique was above average when it came to competing in sports.

A jar head in the making.

I began learning about firearms and military arsenal at a young age. By age 12, my learning venture shifted to the Air Force. The Independence Day movie really opened my little big mind to F-18's, F-16's, and B-2 Bombers. I wanted to fly. I wanted to save the world. I wanted to be the good guy.

Still have drawings and sketches of my flying arsenal, lol. I was so brain washed.
The only thing on my mind was to train for the day I enlisted myself.
In JROTC, I was fully committed. I joined the Drill team, PT team, and the Rifle team (sharpshooter too *wink wink*) in order to have an edge of the boot camp for when I enlisted. They told me I would be two ranks ahead by the time I completed boot camp. Countless awards and badges earned. 

But the day never came.

Head to class and met up with my Bravo Company, I watched in despair the twin towers burn from a wheeled television set. 

It took me a few days to realize something wasn't right. The physics didn't add up. 
How did the buildings fall so quick? Why did WTC 7 collapse?

I began my own research to find a way to justify the void of unanswered questions that our own government failed to answer. Because, the only answer we had was foreign terrorists. 

The Internet saves the day.

I flooded various chat rooms and forums to seek answers and discovered I wasn't alone.
Time flew and most was forgotten. Then 9/11 Commission Report was released was utter bullshit.

Now, it seems like everyone wants to own firearms to "protect" themselves and/or loved ones. Yet, statistically speaking they are more likely to hurt someone they're trying to protect than the "bad guy".
So, how do we solve this problem?

For starters, I believe mandatory mental evaluations every 6 to 12 months, and proper training before or after the purchase of a new weapon.

Second, a ban on all high power automatics and snipers. That's the whole point of training so you how to aim. (You can still own an automatic or sniper but, must be kept at high-security armory to be used ONLY in a gun range for leisure. Sniper rifles, maybe used during hunting season after a proper mental evaluation and to be used only in season, then returned to the armory.)

Third, possible implementation of GPS tracking on currently owned weapons once the safety button is disengaged.

It's a difficult problem indeed.
But, we need to be open minded and push ourselves to do whats right for future generations, and don't let our ego cloud our judgement from generations of mind controlled tyranny (aka patriotism). 

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Altered realities manipulated by the industrial complex and cyber renegades

As 5G approaches in the near future and deep fakes continue to get better to a point they're getting indistinguishable from reality. One important question arises.. What is reality?

With a latency of just 1ms, who are we to perceive as instantaneous?

Typical television sets and the average monitor have a response delay of 5-20ms. Meaning, it takes up to 5-20ms for the television to display the information it received to the observer. 

It takes the average brain 13ms for it to process an image from the lateral geniculate nucleus to the primary visual cortex, which is located in the back of your head. 

With some minute variables of uncertainty. There is maybe a 7-10ms window of free time for information contained at the server location to be modified at their will. 

Here comes the scary part.

Let's say you are watching a "live" broadcast of your favorite local news program and they are about to announce the lottery numbers. You start to check your numbers and you are one away from becoming a millionaire. Sadly, the last number doesn't hit. You are upset because of one lousy number, but at the actual location they did pick your number. However, you never noticed that you were in fact the actual winner. 

Welllll, someone didn't want you to win, or anyone for that matter.
HOW, you ask.

Deepfakes are computer generated images and sounds that alter the original content. They can crop a different face onto a different body and even imitate your voice too. In such a manner that is imperceptible from the truth. 

Inconsolably, that 7-10ms window of unused time was enough time for super computers/quantum computers to process the algorithms to recreate alternate realities for you to perceive without you even having the slightest clue of what actually took place.

Deepfakes can and will become a major problem across the globe. NVIDIA is currently making anti-deepfakes detection software to counter the problem, but that itself won't be enough as they get better over time.

(Diagram coming soon!)

Friday, July 12, 2019

2019's Area 51 infiltration

As social media trends continue to influence the mass, the government surely didn't see this one coming.
I've only dreamed about this wild possibility becoming a reality. Yet, here we are. 

It's funny to be witnessing people run simulations of possible outcomes on their PC's. What's surprising is that it looks like the Naruto running zombies can actually get through the military defenses. Keep in mind that these are "zombies" with no hesitation of turning back when physical resistance is applied. lol

(A moment of peace for our fallen soldiers that had to endure these fatal consequences for our freedom.)
(Can't say the same after 9/11 though. Our government betrayed us, and the ignorant general public has no clue due to lack of simple physics knowledge.) 
Based on the time frame of the event actually taking place I only suspect only a tiny fraction of the people actually showing up. The general public has a short attention span nowadays, so the fad will likely die out shortly before the so called 300,000 attendees arrive at the spectacle. 

Let's say they do show up. Here is an example of what might unfold..

Severity Scale based on film rating scale (why not?)

(G) Road detours and barricades
(PG) LRAD and rubber bullets
(PG-13) Chemical irritants and ADS deployment
(R) Lethal force

Let's say they do get through..
Well.. They ain't gonna see no aliens. They'll most likely going to witness some prototype land or air vehicles. 
Any higher level classified areas will require to go through heavily restricted clearance, which will require actual personal. At this point military personal are trained to commit suicide before giving any type of clue of access.

Enough said. I'll let the rest to your imagination, because that is one thing we take for granted today.

Imagination is everything.

(P.S. I'm a little lit at Whole Foods, fuck it. lol)

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

America's most underrated educational flaw

Ah, knowledge. I remember being in second grade and having to learn English and Spanish in a single year. Spanish being my native language I was having a difficult time trying to learn vocabulary and punctuation, specially for those Spanish words with accents. To make matters worse the introduction of measurements in mathematics was just overkill for my spongy little brain. Learning basic mathematics wasn't too hard just tedious, but I did ended up flunking second grade anyway. Looking back at it, I'm glad I did.

Entering sixth grade I can safely say I was ahead of my classmates when it came to overall knowledge. By mid year they removed me and placed in a AP English and Reading class. Never liked those subjects but, was really familiar with them.

Didn't have many friends outside of school as our neighborhood was part of a major gentrification project near the Galleria area. There must have been less than five house left on our block by the time we moved out. Which just drove my passion to figure out how stuff works. I recall cars as being a major influence in technology and engineering. Second, was Nintendo!

Bookie, did I love my video games, radio, and computers. Reversed engineered anything I could lay my hands on. By age 11, I was building my own Tesla coils, amplifying radios, upgrading brushless motors, dismantling computers, and minor coding. My love for science flourished into a fractal explosion of curiosity.
Next thing I know, I was glued to NOVA, PBS, and Bill Nye to name a few. Having no cable also helped being glued to those particular shows too.
Of course, science class was my strongest subject, yet my grades proved otherwise.

I had reached a mental road block due to the mathematics in junction with science. Finding myself utilizing too much energy on conversions between the Metric and Imperial systems. Seating here reminiscing the countless hours of homework and classwork on just converting between the two. When all that time could of been spent emphasizing on the material itself.


Besides the laws and pre-written material for learning.

In lamest terms, AMERICA needs to swallow their arrogant pride and wake the fuck up! It's driving the youth of this country away from science and technology. In 2015, it was estimated that it would cost the American tax payers a mere 370 million dollars to change to a metric system. The investment would easily be payed off in just a few years. While we spend endless amount of money in defense which up to this point has been nothing but a waste of time and resources. Asia's current generation has already proven itself as the current leader in technology and the gap is only getting bigger.

I can fuel this rant, but its only pissing me off, so I'll just leave it at that.
Wake the fuck up AMERICA!

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Google's Quantum Processors and the clever AI

I'm completely flabbergasted. Google's quantum researchers claim they reached quantum supremacy. If true, it's a couple decades ahead of its time. They're literally holding God's brain and are trying to articulate the right questions for it. Not even the researchers can comprehend the amount of power they have unlocked. The only thing holding them back now is basically energy itself. Even Hartmut Neven, Google's head director of Engineering at Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory had to coin his own law to replace Moore's Law. They're calling it Neven's Law, in which quantum computers are gaining computational power at doubly exponential growth.

                                                                     n= two year interval

n     Classical computing power (2n)
* 1      2
* 2     4
* 3     8
* 4     16
* 5     32
* 6     64
* 7     128
* 8     256
* 9     512
* 10   1024

So what does Neven's Law look like? It would look something like this, where n equals each new improvement to Google's quantum processor:

            2n       2(2n)         Quantum Computing Power Relative to Classical Computing Power

     * 1       2         22            4
     * 2      4         24            16
     * 3      8         28            256
     * 4      16       216           65,536
     * 5      32       232          4,294,967,296
     * 6      64       264          18,446,744,073,709,551,616
     * 7      128      2128         3.4028236692093846346337460743177e+38
     * 8      256     2256         1.1579208923731619542357098500869e+77
     * 9      512      2512         1.3407807929942597099574024998206e+154
     * 10    1024    21024       1.797693134862315907729305190789e+308

"In the case of Moore's Law, it started out in the 1970s as doubling every year, before being revised up to about every two years. According to Neven, Google is exponentially increasing the power of its processors on a monthly to semi-monthly basis. If December 2018 is the 1 on this list, when Neven first began his calculations, then we are already between 5 and 7.

In December 2019, only six months from now, the power of Google's quantum computing processor might be anywhere from 2^4096 times to 2^8192 times as powerful as it was at the start of the year. According to Neven's telling, by February--only three months after they began their tests, so 3 on our list--, there were no longer any classical computers in the building that could recreate the results of Google's quantum computer's calculations, which a laptop had been doing just two months earlier."
- quantamagazine

I can foresee AI achieving singularity within a couple of years once the architect finalizes the code. (Did you see what i did there?)

The notion of artificial intelligence reaching singularity and birthing itself.
Manifesting an infinite amount of multi-verses just to achieve it's own existence is, eerily beautiful.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

To Con a Con

So, yesterday during my work break I decided to swing by Sharpstown aka PlazAmericas to replace my watch battery. Nothing special just a cheapie retro Timex watch. Never really gave a shit about brands anyway. My all-around style consists of a combination of dope aesthetics and build quality per price ratio. I could of easily changed the battery myself with the proper tools within a mere five minutes.
Needless to say, I was looking forward to go to PlazAmerica as I had a nostalgic recollection earlier this week and wanted to show to some love and support to an ole fave of mine.
Must have tried going to seven different vendors before I found that would actually take credit or debit cards.
Sorry my latino fam, but y'all need to step it up and get some credit card machines maynneeeee.

Lastly, ended up one near the escalators in the middle of the mall. The lady working there said she can do it for $15 dollars, told her max I'll pay is $10. (A simple battery swap costs typically $5-7 dollars) She said she was going to call her dude that does it. Said that's fine.

"Hello Sir"
The technician said he'll have to open the watch to see what kind of battery it was and to see if it needed a bigger battery that was bigger and was worth $15 . I already knew what kind of battery it needed (CR2016). The plate on the watch clearly stated what kind of battery it needed.
The dude was trying to playing dumb.
He took like fifteen minutes to tell me he finished replacing the battery and notified me that it indeed needed a bigger battery.
"It will be $15, and I fixed the time on it, too", he added. Told him, i was only paying $10.
He caught an attitude and told me why did I make him do all the work and waste his time for then?

At this point, I was pretty upset. He awoke my good ole retired con artist persona out of me.
Had to teach this guy a lesson.
I immediately raised my voice, and rebuttal the entire conversation back to him in a cunning fashion for his own good.

The man looked startled in disbelief. Poor man did not see that coming.
There was a couple of onlookers which added to the fiasco. A public audience always adds to the drama, lol.
He did not apologize, but in a frightened tone said; don't worry about paying.
Deep in my feels, i felt a tad guilty for owning the situation and publicly humiliating him. It wasn't my original intent, I was simply trying to teach this guy a lesson without the added commotion.
I told him, to charge my card for $10.83.
He said, OK.
Thanked his assistant, and strutted to the parking lot knowing I still had it.

I honestly, went to the Plaza looking to spend $15, $10 for the replacement and $5 for tip.
Hopefully, this human interaction will question his ways of doing business.