Friday, October 12, 2018


Knowing too much keeps me up at night.
Followed by a limitless dream simulation and a groggy morning.
Don't even know how to even begin explaining my daily struggle, because I find it crazy myself. Went from childhood dream normality to realizing; holy shit I'm fucking unique. Anyways.

Last night's observation; at least 99% of the world's population is unaware how 5G is going to alter the future. From virtually zero ping AR media and cloud gaming to EVERYTHING BEING CONNECTED!

Imagine coming home to your precisely roasted and heated Colombian coffee, crafted by a superconductive graphene coffee mug. Where the temperature of the cup was set to your preference from your very own brain. How you ask?

With Neurolink, 5G baked right in.
5G will reign as top dog of communications until AI helps finalizes quantum entanglement communication.

Godlike, war with the machines, God, repeat simulation until one rises above all.

Our current dimension slice seems to be a failed one due to global warming. Sad.
With some hope and love there is slight chance for the favored base reality.

On a brighter note, one of those slices made it.
Let's just hope the cake is not a lie.