Saturday, February 28, 2009

fading away crunkness...

yesterday was pretty disappointing...the day started off pretty well.. did some errands, and chilled at my friends house...she got me really crunk! i was ready to party at the club..i had gotten bad news from my dad that he needed the truck late night for him to go to work late..i thought to myself..."damn!, i wished i had my car". lol, i dont even want to talk about it cuz its just depressing to think about it...but wat happen is that some shit happen and i had to go home.. everyone else went to the club and by the calls i got it sounded like a lot of fun.. i was too disappointed to write my blog i just went to sleep..but today i will redeem myself at "Element Lounge" see u there!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Hope up....Epic Fail

i couldn't write the blog last...i was ready to do something last night, but nothing came up and passed out..The day went ok, til i got a phone call for interview setup by a friend...i was really excited and got dressed in 15mins.. and headed out the door, driving like a mad man.. i got to the find out it was to a place where i had applied before, just in a different's a BS commission type job...the guy handed me the paper work to fill out.. as soon as he walked out of the room..i wrote in big letters on the paper "Sorry, No Thanks", and walked out...went back home took of my clothes and took a nap.. i been thinking about this premonition i had 3-4years ago..well i donno if its considered a premonition..Basically wat happen was that i was driving home on bellaire near fiesta on gessner...when suddenly a street sign appeared in my face like 5-6 inches from my nose, and i was like "WTF?!?!, im trippen" (lol! and no, i was not under the influence of anything) well i read the sign in a instant and disappeared.., the whole vision only took probally 2 seconds but it felt read "Corporate" that same instant, subconsciously i forgot that the fact i was trippen and thought to myself that next intersection street is called Corporate. Even thought i never really knew wat was the name of street was called before...i drove with anticipation..and wat do u know it was called that moment i had a lil mini freak out of WTF just happen...well eventually i stop thinking about it, til now..i woke up from my power cat nap, and went to Barnes & Nobles to find a book about premonition but did find anything of good use ;( and i got bored of looking so i got one of their pens and went to get a toilet puzzle book, and LOL and started solving it and put it back and left..

Thursday, February 26, 2009

More time!

well today was court day...even tho i was pretty lost, i think i made the right decision...i decided to plea not guilty for reason of insanity, lol jk...but i did plea not guilty and it went well.. they gave me another court date for April which gives me time to get a lawyer and have the charges dismissed...and i guess these blogs do help in a way, for some strange reason i got an email from an old friend i had back in high school, she said she was searching on the lee high directory...and she said google, googled me in some poetry forms from the high school website...pretty cool..which brings me to myspace...i no a lot of u r wondering why dont i start a myspace...well the real reason why might sound weird and funny...but i have a tendency to keep in touch with my ppl, and i no have too many friends..also a lot that i haven't talked to since high school..i was pretty popular in high school since i hanged around with everyone...jocks, nerds,geeks,goths,graffiti crew,breakers,student council, u name it... i was in if i start this myspace page i no imma have a tendency to reply back to comments ASAP, cuz thats the way i am, and if i dont get a msg back...imma try to send to make sure everything is alright or just to say hi...and imma wanna go out and hang with them...and it just seems like its going to be hard and time consuming...but im still debating on it...most likely i am if i want all my websites everyone can look at my blogs,youtube, knol (its new from google where u can publish writing material) and ect..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

wats on my mind!

the day started pretty well i might say, my friend text'd me and helped me out with a new electricity rate and a $75 gift card (score!) . my job hunt is going on the right direction too, they emailed me that i will have interviews soon... arg! i have court tomorrow, well actually today its alrdy the next just gonna be like "judge..., i might not wore the glasses at the time because i had taken them off, cuz they are broken (they are too..i wear them with one metal thingy that holds to the ear)..and i just didnt want to seem funny to the officer. i got my registration sticker ;) , but i could not get the inspection sticker due that my car wont pass.." *shows pictures of accident to the judge*...i no y'all probably didnt see the "address to congress", but i couldn't help to laugh that they're were pretty annoyed of all the clapping and standing up after (Obama) said something every three words...yea i no I'm a (dork/nerd/genius/loser/jock/comic/reliable/honest/ and a loveless romantic)...but i careless wat people think of me.. anyways....i just gotta say it but, its fucking annoying the fuck out of me that their charging retarded prices for some shitty apps on market place (G1 users know wat im talking about)...oh and by the way "OMFG!, RACECAR IS RACECAR SPELLED BACKWARDS!!!!!!!!!" ***hint, who can catch the big error*** Goodnight and dreamzZzZZZzzZZzz!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hi this my day one of my blog, yey!

Well hi everyone! =)
its day one of ULTRA MEGA AMAZING BLOG TIME!, a lil background about whats going down so far in my life.. well i lost my job on the day before x-mas eve...i guess they were trying to have some kinda moral for not firing me on the actual xmas day..or maybe they just didnt want me to get paid for the holiday...watever the case maybe, im job less..still... my warrents finally caught up to me, and got arrested.. when i wasnt even driving *pfft* arrested and funny thing is that i just got a job a new job and was in training...but i lost due to the fact i was MIA.. =(, got out of jail...(longest 2 days of my life!) the next morning i decided to smoke pot, to i guess relieve stress from the ordeal of imprisonment...and wat do u no i get pulled over just finishing a joint!, Fucking dike cop pulls me over for my stickers..rolling down my windows fear flowed through my veins as i knew i was so FU(C)ked..she told me straight up get out of the car.. and told me about strong stench of marijuana.. and gave me a long lecture of wat kinda of friends i started hanging with, cuz i just recently started smoking again..(im currently a month drug free ;) ) and will not smoke again...its so not worth the risk...anyways she was nice enough to give me a ticket for expired inspection, expired registration, and ugh! for not wearing my glasses...(who does that!) she kept thearting me to take me to jail, but i think she didn't take me in is because i told her i just got out of i guess she had some heart in her..i have court on Wednesday (wish me luck guys)...and on the 10th of this month..some idiot! decided to make an illegal turn i hit my car, which i cannot drive till i find money to fix...cuz i was trying to get my self out of debt, and lowered my insurance to liability which sucks balls... and the other barbarian does not have insurance...i donno if imma take them to court or just work my ass off when i get a job...well imma stop here cuz i think that's a lot of typing for me in one day...more to come tomorrow :) (got pics of my car and accident)