Sunday, September 27, 2009



Sunday, September 13, 2009


I had to do a blog about this...but FUCK KANYE WEST!, no respect at all.. I mean its an opinion, if u think beyonce had the best video, well then keep it to yourself...Its Taylor Swift's first VMA and Kanye ruined it for her... what an arrogant prick...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Life's Challanges

It's crazy how life can change in a instant from good to bad and bad to good...What I have noticed people don't really realize and learn from the experience..As humans we are dominant in this world...We're smart and can make anything happen...But! are biggest flaw is we let emotion get in between our makes us slow..yet, emotion is key in our lives which makes everyone unique...Let me give you an example.. Ants..

Ants, are basic creatures that have one general purpose to serve the queen..They have no emotion yet, they get stuff done...Emotion does not affect them in anyway, so there is not one ant saying "Fuck this!, I ain't working today!" What if, us as Humans decided were going to build a bridge or just follow one road to travel somewhere...We let emotion get in between our goals, so it takes longer and there's more room for error...

Imagine if we decided to live basic lives for a day...No emotion, no cellphones, no drama, nothing that would distract us...Let's say they turned off all the street lights, no green, no yellow, no red... We would actually make it to our destination without harm or crash..

You ask how so?!? Well remember there's no cellphones, or drama, emotion to get in the way...Our minds turn on survival mode, and we tend to pay more attention of the situation, we will communicate which each other just to make sure we wont crash. We don't even have to say a word, just a simple nod for agreement and hand gestures.. Although, it will be slower, because were not used to it...but, no one gets hurt and the main point of it, is that we made it together.. We can build, discover, and create new ideas much faster if we stick to a basic principles of life..

We made our lives more complicated than it should be..

But, without emotion there is no life, no dreams, no goals..

We need equilibrium of both..