Thursday, June 25, 2009


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day World!!!

WOah!, Father's Day Blog! aww!, i want to be a father! but i no I'm not ready yet...i can barely take care of myself...and no... being a baby daddy doesn't consider you a dad... raising a child is considered being a father...Gave my dad a big half sleep Father's Day hug.. About to start the grill and show of my BBQ skills...I started promoting for this new club about to open soon...its called "Midtown Lounge" I'm so excited it has great potential!, Going to have three paydays, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday!!! =) $$$ @_@ $$$ is on my mind! Going to start a separate blog for the club and post pics and updates as they come along...Going to post another blog really soon since this one is going to be short...they need Camper on the grill...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm craving Jamba Juice!! yet! omfg! its twitter!!!

Sorry fans...I been super busy and haven't blogged in a week, I want to start off by saying thanks for another generous donation from a anonymous person...I am so craving a MegaMango from Jamba Juice with a Immunity Boost! Monday I started working with AT&T...It's awesome but working in the small business side is pretty hard and a lot to remember...We are helping people in California...and OMFG!!! thank God! i don't live there! Your regular telephone service is gold here in Texas compared to Cali..I feel sorry for them...For some strange reason they are the only state that charge phone calls by the DISTANCE and not just if your just making a local or domestic long distance call...all this studying is making my head hurt...anyways, I have a little joke that I want ot share...people seem to crack up and giggle when i say it... ( Who did the skeleton take to the party?!?...........Nobody) LOL! I been keeping a secrete from you all, and was too shy to say it, but here it goes......I have a twitter account! I always thought that the idea was retarded..But I had to do it to bring new fans and traffic to my blog... So feel free to follow me =) ... oh!, by the way I think my premonition sense is coming back not sure though... I have been seeing/thinking of things that will happen and so far they have...I had vision of North Korea but, it was blurry...I don't want to scare myself or anyone into World War 3...I haven't really checked the news because I haven't had time but, North Korea is acting a little strange in the recent days...On the brighter side, I found this bad ass little water fountain with rocks! for only $2 at a yard sale! and made a FUCKING DELICIOUS OMEGA CHEESY OMELET SANDWICH!!! OH YEAH!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Help me solve my dream!

Well as y'all know.. like 80% of my dreams are lucid dreams..For those that don't know what lucid dreaming is...In a nutshell it means i can control my dreams COMPLETELY..i can manipulate items, i can feel,smell,see, etc...its kinda like living in a second world...anyways..I been having these dreams that I cannot control, and I keep seeing these "words" (ecto, zapa, ponterac, lurapode) I have no idea why I keep seeing them...One of the dreams that keeps repeating itself, and I've dreamed about four times already in the last two months is...
I would be in some kind of lucid dream doing whatever I want or please, but suddenly...I am beamed I guess or sucked into space without my permission, and then I get pulled deep into space..I can see the Earth vanish into the distance with our Sun and planets...I see our Milky Way galaxy and then I go out further watching these extremely beautiful galaxies,black holes,supernovas, and other stuff I cannot describe because of its complexity.. It feels like I been flying for hours faster than the speed of light..Until, I reach I'm guessing is the wall of the universe, it keeps going but, it doesn't take me no more...Instead, I start to fall...Looking down, I see a rocky brown floor with large holes...I fall into this pitch black hole and it feels like eternity...When I'm falling in the hole...after a while I see these words written on the walls of the hole as I am falling...(ectozapa,ponteraclurapode) I read them out loud and suddenly I appear back on Earth...which then, I am lucid again and scared shitless..I close my eyes and wake myself up...YES I KNOW, IT SOUNDS FUCKING INSANE!!!!