Monday, August 1, 2016

Millennial Love

Just an insert on my current study..

We are living in a time when the brink of the mobile revolution has taken us by storm. A time, where privacy is almost none existent. Where the masses are drawn to social media and are being shaped by television and the music industry. Idolizing false prophets. Obeying capitalism at its finest to buy, buy, buy.

They, are creating fear within us.
Many different people I noticed are currently stuck in a "half-ass" relationships that are dragged by time. Most don't know how to leave or are scared of being alone. These incidents are actually growing due to social media anxiety caused by the thought of being judged by fellow peers.
The fact is that millennials made society to a giant popularity contest that is blinding us from who we are. Most peers will go through a party stage in their life time. The only difference is that millennials went through that particular party stage when social media was not what it is now. People socialized and went more into depth with their conversations with one another. Others were engaged in lust which maybe later grew to a relationship. As time moved forward, we at the same time were influenced by social media and the growing popularly trend that adulterating and flirting is an acceptable thing to do. Which was also influenced by what you wear, name brand clothing, what music you listen, money and etc.

That was all being slowly brained washed into our society.
It is our human nature to be curious. With that being said, we slowly but surely are becoming more awake of the things that being portrayed right in front of us. Some examples of this is staying healthy. More and more people are exercising healthier diets and getting into shape.
We are realizing what is really going on in our lives. People are waking up from the habit of looking for acceptance in social media and becoming aware that the person they choose to date isn't what they had in mind. It was just lust being carried by acceptance and the fear of being alone in a time where everyone is looking at you.
Lust is a temporary dilution for an empty soul. 
Love is pure and true. It's that gut feeling of real acceptance and trust.

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