Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Eating my Cupcake! Umm um..Tasty!!!

I had an awesome seven days of fun for my bday..i was taken to the movies, bike riding, my friends made a lil party, went to the club, and went to the beach three times...the only bad thing was that got two tickets the first time i went to the beach...i was pulled over just because my licence place light was burnt out..what kinda SH*t is that...i was trying to find my insurance, and was searching for it in the glove box but, didn't find instead the cop saw an old pipe from one of my friends i had in there.. :/ he smelled the marijuana in he told me to get out the car, so i was like FUUU@k!! and he started to search me...i didn't have anything on me, and then he told my friends to get out too..he told me if its ok, if he searched the car, and if there's any other things that shouldn't be there too.. and i was like no...just that pipe which is not he searched the car and went to his car..which then he took his sweet little time..he was kinda cool tho..he told me..he was going to let me go if he didn't find anything else...well, he gave me the ticket(s) and told me he is going to charge me for drug paraphernalia..which i was like WTF?!?! i didn't have anything else in the car..he told me i lied and he found something else..and he hand me a little bag and pipe.. and i was like "WTF?!?! this is not marijuana this is Salvia which is completely legal" as soon as i said that...the expression on his face was priceless!... (oh sh#t!, i fucked up) the cop thought it was weed...i was like "why, am i getting a ticket for something that's legal) and he started to panic..and i could tell that he was embarrassed and sad for giving me the ticket for his mistake..but, it was already printed out so he didn't want to change it..he just told me that to explain what happen to the judge...FU@K!!!! why do i have to talk to him when its your mistake..anyways, I going to call the judge next week and lets see what happens... on the bright side i couldn't wait to get the Cupcake update for my G1 so i manually did it..Success!! my phone is soo awesome now!!! :)

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