Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spontaneous Day

Yesterday was full of what i call Spontaneousism (spontaneity)! It started at my friends house and we decided we were gonna have a small dinner at her we called couple of friends and started playing with the Oracle Board Game i had played earlier in the week...Some how we started talking about ghosts and mysterious things, and suddently we decided to go buy a Ouija Board..We drove across to some place to get special protection candles..but they were too expensive and the board too..So we drove to Toys R' Us and found it there and bought it..Then some how we started talking about Salvia Divinorum a special plant that is legal to smoke and gives you a really cool trip..Our crazy selves decided to buy it at a local smoke shop and got the 10x which is 10 times the potent of the actual natural plant, which is considered for experienced users...So we got home and i tried smoking it but it didn't hit me like when i tried the first time..WE GOT RIPPED OFF!!! $30 of my friend's money gone to waste :( and we all had a giant feast it was super good! we could not find a place to play the Ouija Board so we didn't open it...*pfft* my other friends wanted to go to some house party, but i really didn't want to go..i was tired from the night before...Dropped one of my friends home and drove to that party to meet my other friend..It was too hood for me and left with my friend like 10 mins after i got there...Drove to a gasoline station to put gas and some stranded guy came up to me asking where I-45 was at... The guy was totally lost..and was asking if i could give him a ride there..i was thinking hell no...but i saw his eyes watering so i thought this guy is i dropped my friend home and told her i was going to drive back to the gasoline station to see if he was still there..and he was so i told him i would give him a ride but just to I-45...i kept in touch with my friend over the phone just in case something happen...Got to I-45 and decided might as well take him all the way home, or near..So i did...that sh*t was all the way in clear lake...He said he was going to give me gas money but i didn't believe him until he started digging in his pockets..he told me how much i wanted..i told him just $5 to get back home, cuz i was low on gas, and he gave $10 in ones...i felt like i did my deed for the day, and felt home and passed out..

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